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Saddletor - Years - 2/3

   Welcome to Saddletor Class 2020/2021

Saddletor class is a mixed Year 2/3 class which currently has 30 pupils and is taught by Mrs Lucy Dennis.

The contact email for this class is:


Mummifying Oranges

Our finished cartouche

Clay cartouche

Science - What do plants need to survive?

Light and water
No Light, no water
Water, no light
Light, no water

Creating an Egyptian timeline

Collaging Egyptian death masks

Science - identifying parts of a plant

Exploring plants as part of our science.

Welcome to Saddletor Class 2019/2020

Saddletor class was a Year 2/3 class had 26 pupils.

The class teacher was Mrs Lucy Dennis.

The following information is a guide and should support you with your child’s home learning. The work will be shared on a weekly basis from today onwards so that you can plan your child’s home learning around your schedule.

We encourage you to send emails sharing your child’s successes and their progress with the home learning. We can provide feedback and assessment on your child’s work, you can send us photos or scanned copies of the work.

The team will be in touch by email when responding to your messages. You may also receive a telephone call from your child’s teacher to check in on progress, offer feedback and clarify anything you have found challenging.

If you have any queries, please contact via the class email address below.

The contact email address for Saddle Tor class is:

New class 20-21

Year 2 and Year 3 art work

It was lovely to see most of our year 2's and 3's in school - fantastic artwork everyone!

Our Growing Beans!!!

Sports Relief - 100 mile run!

Opera Day at Westcliff Primary

CAP assembly

World Book Day


Saddle Tor have been looking at maps and exploring the symbols on them.

Abbrook Farm visit

Year 2 have been learning about how animals grow and change.  They have learnt lots about what an animals needs to survive.

Incubating Eggs!

Warburtons visit with Year 3

DT - Healthy Diets

School Vision

Digging Deep, Learning Together and Embracing Life to the Full!

We spent some time this week looking at our school vision and what this means to us.


Clay pots

What an fantastic variety of projects we had in.  Thank you to all the friends and family who came and shared these with our class.


Year 2 produced an amazing performance of the nativity to their friends and family.  Well done everyone for speaking so clearly!


We enjoyed making and finding out about Christingles today.  Thank you to everyone that came and supported us with this.

Fair Testing and transpiration

We explored what a fair test is and then planned one of our own.  We also looked at how water is transported within plants.

Children in Need

Saddle Tor children enjoyed sorting the coins and counting them in 10's.  We discussed what we could do to help others and created our own pledges that we stuck on Pudsey.

Exploring what plants need to survive

Saddle Tor class set up a test to explore the requirements of plants for life. One was put in the dark, one had no water and one had no heat (in the freezer!) one had heat, water and light.

We found that a plant needed all of these elements to survive.

Virtual Visit to Japan

Visit from the Cats Protection League

Harvest Festival

Saddle Tor children excelled themselves in leading the Harvest Festival this year, well done everyone and a big thank you to all the families that joined us for our celebration.
We have been looking at the Creation story and what it means to Christians, exploring our wonderful world!


We have been telling number stories using 3 numbers to ten and looking at different ways of showing that there are ten tens in one hundred.


We have been investigating Ancient Greece through a range of different sources.


We have been strengthening our core muscles and thinking about efficient running styles.


We have been learning about place value, making numbers using a range of resources.

Welcome to Saddletor Class (2018/2019)

Kestor was a Year 1/2 class which had 27 pupils.

  The class teachers were Mrs Vicky Palmer and Mr Jake Chisholm.

Creating safari music

PE with a specialist from Teign School

Comparing different habitats from around the world

Learning about food chains

PE with a specialist from Teign School

Investigating habitats in the garden

Our visit from a lorry driver

Learning Exchange

Fine Motor Skills

Buddying with Burrator

PE with a specialist from Teign School

Maths Investigating lines of symmetry

Learning Exchange

Sharing and editing our robot stories.

Blue Planet Live lesson

Year 2 PE dance festival at Teign School

World Book Day - Parents and Teachers sharing stories

Maths - Practical multiplication

Investigating the invention of the telephone

Our visit from The Dogs Trust

Science - labelling parts of a plant

Computing - following algorithms

Year 1 maths - subtraction stories

Year 1 maths - Addition stories

Central Hub Year 2 Reading Day

English - Superhero story freeze frames

Superhero dress up day

Year 2 fire safety talk

Science - Investigating different types of seeds

Computing - using algorithms to find fractions

Healthy eating assembly with Farmer Alice and Farmer Jo

Christmas lunch

Making Christingles

Year 1 Maths - representing numbers in different ways

English - common and proper nouns

Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world

KS1 PE festival at Teign School

Poppy artwork for Remembrance Day

Identifying materials in Science

Kestor have been learning about the different seasons so we went to the garden to identify signs of Autumn. 

Painting self-portraits in Art.

Making Rockets