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Haytor - Foundation/Year 1

Welcome to Haytor Class 2022/2023

Haytor is a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which currently has 27 pupils and is taught by Miss Kathryn Palmer.  Haytor has strong links with Chudleigh Knighton Pre-School who visit us at our setting. We like to make good use of our outdoor play area as well as the school garden during our lessons; our school field is used during our PE lessons.

Welcome to Haytor Class 2021/2022

Haytor was a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which had 26. pupils.

The class teacher was Miss Jemma Lewis. 

Haytor Classroom Tour

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Cricket Skills!

Haytor class wanted to make sure our planter at the front of school was ready to welcome some lovely bees and butterflies. They worked with Mrs Forey to weed the area and planted some more seeds to encourage some more visitors. Well done, Haytor! I look forward to seeing the new flowers blossom. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day! They spent the day sharing stories, creating their own imaginary worlds and looked at favourite books with Saddletor Class. We even had a very special guest - Mrs Driscoll - who 'zoomed in' to read some stories with the class.

Children in Need

Digital Painting

Some of our children had their 'Show & Tell' slot this week. We had some fantastic presentations that included medals, trips to the aquarium, family pets, special pencil cases and some beautiful painted pottery. Well done everyone! 

Welcome to CK!

'Foundation Pupils Bible Presentation'

Children who joined our school in the Foundation Year this term were presented with Bibles by Rev Alex Sharp earlier this week.  They were joined by children from across the school with part of the service led by the school's Ethos Team.


       Welcome to Haytor Class 2020/2021

Haytor was a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which had 30 pupils.

The class teacher was Miss Jemma Lewis.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on the Haytor email address:

EYFS Activity Ideas

Christmas Jumpers!

As part of our Virtual Visit to India, we have been looking at Rangoli Patterns. We have learned that Hindus draw these patterns on their doorsteps to welcome friends and family during the festival of Diwali. The Rangoli Pattern symbolises strength, generosity and good fortune. Hindus hope that by drawing the symbols outside of their homes, the Goddess Lakshmi will visit and bring wealth and happiness for the year ahead.

Children in Need!

Look How much They've Grown!

Alma Thomas inspired Artwork!

AIma Thomas was an African-American Expressionist painter and art educator best known for her colourful abstract paintings. Alma is considered to have been successful despite her race and gender. She created paintings that focussed on colour and rhythm and pattern.

"Man’s highest aspirations come from nature. A world without colour would seem dead. Colour is life. Light is the mother of colour. Light reveals to us the spirit and living soul of the world through colors.” – Alma Thomas – 1982. 


Haytor decided to each create an individual picture to show that everyone is different and this should be celebrated. "People may have different skin colours, or may have disabilities or think different things to us but that doesn't matter. We should always be kind to everyone because that is what is important." - Year 1

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

I Spy with my Little Eye, Something beginning with: L

Planting Beans in Science!

Harvest Festival!

We enjoyed learning about Harvest Festival. The children were fantastic at suggesting other ways we can show we care about others. They loved discussing what they had donated from home and how it would be useful. Well done Haytor!

Welcome to CK Foundation Children!

This week, the 'New Starters' were welcomed into our Chudleigh Knighton 'Family' with a 'Presentation of Bibles' Service. Haytor were joined by Mr Spraggon and Maren, our Chudleigh Area Youth Project worker, for the service.   

Building Sculptures in Art

Exploring Number - EYFS

Comparing Objects - Year 1