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Haytor - Foundation/Year 1

       Welcome to Haytor Class 2020/2021

Haytor is a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which currently has 30 pupils and is taught by Miss Jemma Lewis.  Haytor has strong links with Chudleigh Knighton Pre-School who visit us at our setting.  We like to make good use of our outdoor play area as well as the school garden during our lessons; our school field is used during our PE sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me on the Haytor email address:

EYFS Activity Ideas

Christmas Jumpers!

Mental Health Day

As part of our Virtual Visit to India, we have been looking at Rangoli Patterns. We have learned that Hindus draw these patterns on their doorsteps to welcome friends and family during the festival of Diwali. The Rangoli Pattern symbolises strength, generosity and good fortune. Hindus hope that by drawing the symbols outside of their homes, the Goddess Lakshmi will visit and bring wealth and happiness for the year ahead.

Children in Need!

Look How much They've Grown!

Alma Thomas inspired Artwork!

AIma Thomas was an African-American Expressionist painter and art educator best known for her colourful abstract paintings. Alma is considered to have been successful despite her race and gender. She created paintings that focussed on colour and rhythm and pattern.

"Man’s highest aspirations come from nature. A world without colour would seem dead. Colour is life. Light is the mother of colour. Light reveals to us the spirit and living soul of the world through colors.” – Alma Thomas – 1982. 


Haytor decided to each create an individual picture to show that everyone is different and this should be celebrated. "People may have different skin colours, or may have disabilities or think different things to us but that doesn't matter. We should always be kind to everyone because that is what is important." - Year 1

Remember, Remember the 5th of November!

I Spy with my Little Eye, Something beginning with: L

Planting Beans in Science!

Harvest Festival!

We enjoyed learning about Harvest Festival. The children were fantastic at suggesting other ways we can show we care about others. They loved discussing what they had donated from home and how it would be useful. Well done Haytor!

Welcome to CK Foundation Children!

This week, the 'New Starters' were welcomed into our Chudleigh Knighton 'Family' with a 'Presentation of Bibles' Service. Haytor were joined by Mr Spraggon and Maren, our Chudleigh Area Youth Project worker, for the service.   

Building Sculptures in Art

Exploring Number - EYFS

Comparing Objects - Year 1

Welcome to Haytor Class 2019/2020

Haytor was a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which had 27 pupils.  The class teacher was Miss Jemma Lewis.

Home Learning for Haytor Children


From Monday 8th June, work for children who are learning at home is being provided centrally by the First Federation Trust. That work can be accessed by following this link: I am grateful that the Trust is providing this for our families as it will allow my staff to have a balanced workload.


The work is set by a team of experienced teachers from across the Trust. There is an email address for each year group. You should contact that email address for any queries regarding work set, to provide children's work for comment/assessment and for any support with home learning. 


Miss Lewis or one the Chudleigh Knighton team are still here to offer pastoral support and we will be in contact with you each week to see how you all are. We can still be contacted via the class email address or by emailing the school office. Please do not contact with queries regarding work set centrally - any queries regarding that work should be sent to the provided email addresses. We will, of course, be very happy to see examples of all of the wonderful things that you and your children have been up to! 



Phonics Play is offering a free service at the moment. This is a fantastic website that the children are all familiar with. It will support their phonics learning. 

Username: march20

Password: home


Please continue to use Bug Club, Spelling Shed and Numbots to support learning at home. Login details for your child can be found on the inside cover of their exercise books. 

Activities for Younger Children and Infants

Phonics Vocabulary Explained!

Learners of the Week

Weekly Awards

Your Brilliant Learning

What You've Been Up to This Week!

What You've Been up too This Week!

Reception Challenge: 

Can you create a picture of you and your family? You can use pens, pencils, paint or any other materials you like. Once you have completed this, please send me a picture via Haytor Class' email so that I can see all of your fantastic work!

Have a good day, 

Miss Lewis

Clean Hands!

Ellen's Lambs!

KS1 Sports Festival!

Exploring 2D and 3D Shapes!

Computer Skills!

Sharing Our Work!

Digging Deep, Learning Together and Embracing Life to the Full!

Christmas Fun!

Hay Tor have been reading 'William's Winter Wish' and inspired by the story they are working hard on their story planning and story mapping. The Year 1 children are reimagining and retelling the story for their next piece of writing. The Reception children really enjoyed reading through the Year 1 story plans. We can't wait to read the finished stories! 
In Haytor, we have been thinking about how to have an effective discussion. The children and I worked together to create some 'Discussion Guidelines' to enable us to talk about what we are learning. They trialled the guidelines during our English lesson and found that when we followed them, our conversations were much more focused and everyone had the opportunity to share their ideas! 

Seasonal Changes!


We've been learning about the parts of a plant!

*Reception Parents*

Tapestry Accounts

I have now given all Reception Parents access to their child's Tapestry Learning Journal.

If you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to come and speak to me. If you would like to add another parent/carer to the account, please come and speak to me. I am more than happy to help. 


Thank you!

We've been Counting and matching our numerals!

We had a Wedding! Some of the children were attending a wedding using the dressing up box and role play area.

Welcome to Chudleigh Knighton Primary School!

Science Plant Hunt!

Welcome to Haytor Class (2018/2019)

Haytor was a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which had 21 pupils.

 The class teacher was Miss Jemma Lewis. 

Beautiful Art Work! Thank you, Vivienne!

We have been measuring objects around the classroom!

We have recapped our '5 Things to do When We're Feeling Worried'

Green Fingers!

We explored the outdoors in our garden!

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a special visitor - Potter the Tortoise!

World Book Day!

Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.

Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week!

We had a 'Super' day!

We've been making potions!

Making Christingles.

Christmas Jumpers!

Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents!

Christmas Around the World!

We've built rockets!!

Haytor have earnt another Crystal Treat and chose to spend it with their buddies for the afternoon, playing with bubble wands, balls and bricks!
During our visit to Egypt we worked in house groups to create a 'mummy', well done Dart House for winning both the fastest and best dressed mummy!   We then made pyramids with our buddies.

Programming Beebot (and Blue-Bot!)

We all had fun programming our Beebots to reach a particular destination.  We now have Blue-bot as well that we programmed using the iPad which is bluetoothed to the robot.

We had fun making Snowmen

We have named our chicks!

New Equipment

We have been having lots of fun with our new equipment, we also have some new games, sand timers and a new till.

Year 1 Nature Morning at River Dart Country Park

Year 1 children had an opportunity to spend a morning exploring at the Country Park.  What amazing things they found.

Music Day

What a lot of fun we had on Music Day.  First we listened to a variety of music and drew pictures to reflect what we heard.  We identified instruments and thought about how it made us feel.  Then we moved to music on the playground, using it to inspire a battle dance.  We made rainsticks and thought about rainforest music and finally learnt to follow a rhythm and beat, playing instruments to create Samba music.

Mothers' Day Assembly

Reception children performed an amazing assembly for their parents.  Everyone spoke clearly and remembered their lines.  Our pictures of our mums were amazing and the poems bought tears to a several eyes!  Well done Reception.

World Book Day

We all enjoyed coming dressed as our favourite characters and discussing the books we liked the most.  We made lots of spells and potions too!

A visit to Abbrook Farm

We visited the farm and looked at a range of animals, including 5 new lambs, pigs, geese, chickens, ducks and a dog.  We then had a nature walk around the site and found lots of interesting things.

Our cute chicks!

Our chicks are hatching!

Such a shame that this happened on a 'Snow Day'. 

Farmer visit

Haytor thought of some brilliant questions to ask our visiting farmer, learning all about what a 'day in the life of a farmer' is like.
We have been busy representing numbers with resources and also comparing the weight of objects this week, especially thinking about is they were heavier, lighter or equals.

Dentist visit