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Religious Education

Religious Education

The pupils at Chudleigh Knighton Primary School experience Religious Education in a variety of ways. Practical sessions have included acting out the story of Noah, visiting the church to look for Christian signs and symbols and experiencing how other religions pray. The Nativity and Easter Service are an important part of our year at Chudleigh Knighton Primary School with different classes taking the lead in performing the stories to the other pupils and our families.

Inspiration and Reflection

Belstone children spent time at St Paul's Church this week as part of their RE lesson. They were looking at items in the church that inspired them and reflecting on why the church is an important place.

The Story of Moses

Drama helps bring the Story of Moses to life for the children in Belstone Class. Having looked at the play they each took a part to perform in front of their friends.

'I love acting out the stories in RE and getting into character' - Charlie, Year 6

'Moses was quite an active story, it was fun to do' - Holly, Year 5

'It makes the story more real for us when we act it out and watch the others too.' - Ava, Year 6

Christingles 2016

The christingles were made in a real sharing environment,this year, with the Pre-school coming along to join in the occasion. The older children supported the younger children, including the Pre-school visitors. A small group of children also created a large Christingle that was displayed at the Church during the service that took place later that evening. The children also learned what the orange represents: the world, the red ribbon representing the love of Jesus, the fruits and sweets on the four cocktail sticks being the four seasons and God's creations with the candle representing Jesus, the light of world.

Jewish New Year Baking

Children in Kestor enjoyed some time cooking whilst learning about how the Jewish people celebrate the New Year. They made Lekach (honey) cakes using their literacy skills to read the recipe and their maths skills to weigh out the ingredients. They all finally sat down and enjoyed eating their cakes while thinking about what they had learnt.

'I loved making the cakes, they were really good to eat' - Grace, Year 2

'The vanilla smelt funny, the cake was really yummy' - Jayden, Year 2

'It was hard work stirring it all up' - Bella, Year 1

The Story of Creation

During their RE lesson Belstone Class re-enacted the story of the creation with each group looking at one area and performing their piece to the rest of the class while Faith read the story out of the Bible.

Shrove Tuesday

Burrator Class took part in an RE lesson with a difference as they not only learned about why we have Shrove Tuesday but they also had the opportunity to make their own pancakes. Some were more successful than others at tossing their pancakes but they all enjoyed tasting them at the end of the session.

'Making the pancakes helped me understand why we have Shrove Tuesday' - Holly, Year 4

'Shrove Tuesday is the day before the start of Lent' - Kody, Year 5

Baptism with Kestor Class

Kestor Class had a visit from Reverend Terry, who stayed after leading our Collective Worship. He talked the children through baptism and why Christians get baptised. The children then re-created a baptism in the outside play area, using the dressing up clothes to make sure they were dressed for the occasion. 'It was really fun doing the baptism' Joshua said. 'It was good to be able to get dressed up too!'

How music can affect emotions and feelings

During their RE lesson, Burrator Class investigated how music can affect emotions and feelings. They listened to various instruments being played and recorded their findings. Sometimes the music made them feel happy and was fun, occasionally the music created a thoughtful mood.