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Haytor - Foundation/Year 1

World Book Day!

World Book Day!  1
World Book Day!  2
World Book Day!  3
World Book Day!  4
World Book Day!  5
World Book Day!  6

Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.

Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  1
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  2
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  3
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  4
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  5
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  6
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  7
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  8
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  9
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  10
Green Fingers! Mrs Bryce came in to do some gardening with some of our reception children.  11

Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week!

Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week! 1
Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week! 2
Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week! 3
Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week! 4
Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week! 5
Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week! 6
Saddle Tor came down to help us with our maths learning this week! 7

We had a 'Super' day!

We had a 'Super' day! 1

We've been making potions!

We've been making potions! 1
We've been making potions! 2
We've been making potions! 3
We've been making potions! 4
We've been making potions! 5
We've been making potions! 6
We've been making potions! 7

Making Christingles.

Christmas Jumpers!

Christmas Jumpers! 1

Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents!

Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents! 1
Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents! 2
Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents! 3
Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents! 4
Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents! 5
Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents! 6
Christmas Craft Afternoon - Thank you parents! 7

Christmas Around the World!

Christmas Around the World! 1
Christmas Around the World! 2
Christmas Around the World! 3
Christmas Around the World! 4
Christmas Around the World! 5
Christmas Around the World! 6
Christmas Around the World! 7
Christmas Around the World! 8

We've built rockets!!

Welcome to Haytor Class (2018/2019)

Haytor is a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which currently has 21 pupils and is taught by Miss Jemma Lewis.  Haytor have strong links with Chudleigh Knighton Pre-School who visit us at our setting.  We like to make good use of our outdoor play area as well as the school garden during our lessons; our school field is used during some of our PE sessions.

Haytor Class (2017/2018)

Haytor was a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which had 23 pupils and was taught by Mrs Lucy Dennis.


Picture 1



 Haytor class (2017 - 2018)


Haytor is a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which currently has 26 pupils and is taught by Mrs Lucy Dennis.

Beach Trip

Beach Trip 1
Beach Trip 2
Beach Trip 3
Beach Trip 4
Beach Trip 5
Beach Trip 6
We had lots of fun making sandcastles, learning about beach safety from the lifeguards, burying Mrs Jelley, eating ice lollies and jumping in the water!

Learning Exchange and CAP

Learning Exchange and CAP 1
Learning Exchange and CAP 2
Learning Exchange and CAP 3
Learning Exchange and CAP 4

Another busy week for Haytor, we had a visit from the CAP team to teach us how to be Safe, Strong and Free.

Later in the week we had our last Learning Exchange of the year and made big bubbles and played boccia, amongst other activities.

Releasing our Butterflies!

Releasing our Butterflies! 1
Releasing our Butterflies! 2
Our butterflies have emerged from their cocoons and we watched them all fly away into the sunshine.  

Number Bonds Challenge

Number Bonds Challenge 1

Haytor class have started a weekly number bond challenge.  Using the 'Find sums' app (free from the app store) we are trying hard to accurately find all the pairs of number bonds and move up the leader board. 

Congratulations to Grace for topping the leader board this week:

1.  Grace      100% Accuracy   66 seconds

2.  Henry W  100% Accuracy   170 seconds

3.  Ava H      100% Accuracy   221seconds

PE on the field

PE on the field 1
Haytor children were brilliantly behaved going down to the field this week to play parachute games, a lot of fun was had by all!

Caterpillars to Butterflies

Caterpillars to Butterflies 1
Having watched our caterpillars grow over the last few week, we are now eagerly awaiting them going their cocoons.

Our chicks in their new home

Our chicks in their new home 1
Having outgrown their pen at school, our chicks found a new home, back at Abbrook farm with their parents.

Creative Writing Challenge

Creative Writing Challenge 1
Creative Writing Challenge 2
Creative Writing Challenge 3
Creative Writing Challenge 4
Creative Writing Challenge 5
Creative Writing Challenge 6
Creative Writing Challenge 7
Creative Writing Challenge 8
Creative Writing Challenge 9
Creative Writing Challenge 10
Creative Writing Challenge 11
During the Easter Holidays the reception children were set the challenge of doing some creative writing, look at the amazing ideas we had for producing our writing!

Crystal Treat

Crystal Treat 1
Crystal Treat 2
Haytor have earnt another Crystal Treat and chose to spend it with their buddies for the afternoon, playing with bubble wands, balls and bricks!

Virtual Visit to Egypt

Virtual Visit to Egypt 1
Virtual Visit to Egypt 2
Virtual Visit to Egypt 3
Virtual Visit to Egypt 4
Virtual Visit to Egypt 5
Virtual Visit to Egypt 6
Virtual Visit to Egypt 7
During our visit to Egypt we worked in house groups to create a 'mummy', well done Dart House for winning both the fastest and best dressed mummy!   We then made pyramids with our buddies.

Programming Beebot (and Blue-Bot!)

Programming Beebot (and Blue-Bot!) 1
Programming Beebot (and Blue-Bot!) 2
Programming Beebot (and Blue-Bot!) 3
We all had fun programming our Beebots to reach a particular destination.  We now have Blue-bot as well that we programmed using the iPad which is bluetoothed to the robot.

We had fun making Snowmen

We had fun making Snowmen 1
We had fun making Snowmen 2
We had fun making Snowmen 3

We have named our chicks!

We have named our chicks! 1
We have named our chicks! 2
We have named our chicks! 3

New Equipment

New Equipment 1 Alphabet Fishing
New Equipment 2 Cardboard boxes!
New Equipment 3 Cars
New Equipment 4 Crayons
New Equipment 5 Lacing Letters
New Equipment 6 Pushchair
We have been having lots of fun with our new equipment, we also have some new games, sand timers and a new till.

Year 1 Nature Morning at River Dart Country Park

Year 1 Nature Morning at River Dart Country Park 1
Year 1 Nature Morning at River Dart Country Park 2
Year 1 Nature Morning at River Dart Country Park 3
Year 1 Nature Morning at River Dart Country Park 4
Year 1 Nature Morning at River Dart Country Park 5
Year 1 Nature Morning at River Dart Country Park 6
Year 1 children had an opportunity to spend a morning exploring at the Country Park.  What amazing things they found.

Music Day

Music Day 1
Music Day 2
Music Day 3
Music Day 4
Music Day 5
Music Day 6
What a lot of fun we had on Music Day.  First we listened to a variety of music and drew pictures to reflect what we heard.  We identified instruments and thought about how it made us feel.  Then we moved to music on the playground, using it to inspire a battle dance.  We made rainsticks and thought about rainforest music and finally learnt to follow a rhythm and beat, playing instruments to create Samba music.

Mothers' Day Assembly

Mothers' Day Assembly 1
Reception children performed an amazing assembly for their parents.  Everyone spoke clearly and remembered their lines.  Our pictures of our mums were amazing and the poems bought tears to a several eyes!  Well done Reception.

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
We all enjoyed coming dressed as our favourite characters and discussing the books we liked the most.  We made lots of spells and potions too!

A visit to Abbrook Farm

We visited the farm and looked at a range of animals, including 5 new lambs, pigs, geese, chickens, ducks and a dog.  We then had a nature walk around the site and found lots of interesting things.

Our cute chicks!

Our cute chicks! 1
Our cute chicks! 2
Our cute chicks! 3

Our chicks are hatching!

Our chicks are hatching! 1
Our chicks are hatching! 2
Our chicks are hatching! 3 Now there are 2.
Our chicks are hatching! 4 Isn't it cute!
Our chicks are hatching! 5
Our chicks are hatching! 6
Such a shame that this happened on a 'Snow Day'. 

Farmer visit

Farmer visit 1
Farmer visit 2
Haytor thought of some brilliant questions to ask our visiting farmer, learning all about what a 'day in the life of a farmer' is like.


Maths 1
Maths 2
Maths 3
Maths 4
Maths 5
We have been busy representing numbers with resources and also comparing the weight of objects this week, especially thinking about is they were heavier, lighter or equals.

Dentist visit

Dentist visit 1
Dentist visit 2
We had a visit from Kimberley Yiend from Chudleigh Dental Practice who talked to us about how to keep our teeth healthy.


Friendship 1
Haytor class have been discussing what it takes to be a good friend to others.

Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men 1
Gingerbread Men 2
We had a 'Gingerbread Man' day on Monday.  We made gingerbread men, did some role play, sequenced the story, discussed the book and created patterns.  The children used this inspiration to write their own the story of the Gingerbread man. Please come and read their amazing stories which are on the wall outside our classroom!

Hatching Eggs!

Hatching Eggs! 1
Hatching Eggs! 2
Hatching Eggs! 3
Hatching Eggs! 4
Hatching Eggs! 5
We have put our eggs in the incubator and are hoping to see our chicks hatch at the end of February!

ICT in the classroom

ICT in the classroom 1 Using our new communication headphones.
ICT in the classroom 2 Practising number bonds on the ipads.

Farm to Fork visit

Farm to Fork visit 1
Farm to Fork visit 2
Farm to Fork visit 3
Farm to Fork visit 4
Farm to Fork visit 5
Tesco's invited us for a visit where we learnt about healthy eating, explored lots of fruit and vegetables, tasted food and made muesli.

Farming Day

Farming Day 1
Farming Day 2
Farming Day 3
Farming Day 4
Farming Day 5
Farming Day 6
Farming Day 7
We had lots of fun dressing up as farmers or farm animals.  Farmer Sampson brought in a 3 day old lamb, we looked at lots of animals including goats and cows and planted seeds.  We also made a beautiful papier mache butterfly.


Christmas 1
Christmas 2

Crystal Treat!

Crystal Treat! 1
Crystal Treat! 2
Crystal Treat! 3
Well done Haytor class for earning your Crystal Treat!  They voted to have the climbing frame out which they all enjoyed using.

Home learning

Home learning 1
Home learning 2
Year 1 children created some fantastic homework projects, including these amazing houses!

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1
We all took part in the silence at 11am and talked about why we wear poppies.  Millie later created this amazing poem.

Art Day

Art Day 1
Art Day 2
Art Day 3
Art Day 4
We enjoyed a variety of art activities throughout the day including tape art, hand art, weaving and bird feeders.

A visit from the Fire Service

A visit from the Fire Service 1
We enjoyed a brief visit from the Fire Service and tried on some of the clothing they wear. 


Fireworks 1
Fireworks 2
Fireworks 3

Haytor children created some amazing firework pictures today using pencils, chalk and glitter. 

Millie then created this amazing poem...

Picture 1

Great Fire of London - Baking Day


The children all came in wearing Stuart / Bakers costumes today and really enjoyed their day of baking. We had some amazing outfits and brilliant cooks hats! We measured ingredients to make bread rolls and balanced ingredients to make cakes which we then decorated.  A huge well done to all the children in Haytor for fantastic behaviour all day and some very tasty rolls!

Bible Assembly

Bible Assembly 1
Bible Assembly 2
Rev'd Paul came in to present all our reception children with their own bible.  The Ethos committee did a fantastic job of leading the assembly and welcoming all our new children to the school.  

Burrator have been working with their buddies in Haytor.  We read stories, found out lots of information about each other and practised catching a ball.

All about me!

As part of our mini starter topic, Haytor children have been thinking about parts of the body.  We sang the song 'heads, shoulders knees and toes' and had lots of fun labelling parts of the body today.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



 Haytor class (2016 - 2017)


Haytor was a mixed Foundation/Year 1 class which currently had 23 pupils and was taught by Mrs Lucy Dennis.


Writing Stories and Maths

This week in Haytor the children have been trying to write some stories to send up the Beanstalk to Monkey. They have been writing on paper and also working with the ipad book writer where they can take photos and type in text to write their story. Benjamin wrote one about his day at school and Illani was concentrating her story around the Dinosaurs who were taking a bath! During maths the children learned how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s to make counting a large number of objects easier.


Making Spells

Haytor have been making spells this week, writing down what their potion does and what ingredients were needed. They were then able to put the ingredients together and find out what happened. The potions were colourful, sparkly and the fizzing caused great excitement with the wannabe wizards and witches!

Knowing our numbers

Reception children in Haytor have been concentrating on ordering numbers this week, adding one more and taking one away. They have used a variety of resources to keep practising their new skills. The Year 1 children have been partitioning numbers, using dienes and then writing some number sentences to show what they had found. 

Meeting the Chicks

Haytor children were able to meet the chicks and have a little cuddle this week. With newspaper out to protect the carpet against little accidents, the chicks were brought out to meet the children. They all had a cuddle or a stroke and enjoyed seeing them out in the open. The chicks weren't out for long as they wanted to get back into their warm brooder. The chicks have yet to be named but there will be a vote soon on the names that have been suggested by the children in our Chick Naming box.

Mother's Day Assembly and Making Popcorn

Haytor children have been enjoying being outside this week and had a special treat following their super Mother's Day Assembly that they performed in front of their Mums. The children had been practising for a few weeks to remember their lines and where they had to be to say those lines. They performed really well and sang the songs beautifully and after the parents had left Haytor headed outside to our garden to make cheerio bird feeders and make some popcorn over a fire. Although it was drizzling this didn't put the children off who enjoyed watching the seeds popping and turning all white and fluffy. Mrs Hall had to be careful not to burn the popcorn whilst Mrs Dennis dished out some lovely hot chocolate to go with it.

Inside and Outside


Haytor children have been able to get outside more with the warmer weather on its way. They have enjoyed counting how many people it takes to sink the boats in the water tray. The dinosaur swamp is becoming a firm favourite with lots of the children, digging trenches and watching where the water flows is always enjoyable. Our mud kitchen boasts some budding chefs with delights like Mud pie special and Sand cake soup being served daily. Inside the activities are cleaner but just as much fun as numicon is used to make shapes.


'Eggs'citing Arrivals

Haytor children had some very exciting arrivals on Monday when they placed several chicken eggs into their incubator. The children can watch the eggs and see on the display board what size the chicks inside might be. We are all hopeful that we will soon have some fluffy chicks running round to write about and draw!

Book Reviews

Haytor children have been sharing their favourite books with each other this week and then writing a book review. They have been talking about their favourite part in the book and drawing their favourite character. There were lots of different books being chosen during the week to be read at story time.

Team work

Haytor Class have been working together to solve problems and build vehicles this week. Reception children have been finding the solutions to some number sentences and the Year 1s having been using dienes to represent two digit numbers. They worked together in pairs to build a car or vehicle using a variety of resources. During the week there have been lots of patients visiting our Role Play Hospital, thankfully all of the patients recovered under the expert care of our nurses and doctors. The Year 1 children have been mapping out their environment including the classroom and outside area. We always enjoy a little dance and wiggle after we have done our phonics and funky fingers in the morning.  

Elephants, Ice and Garden Adventure

Haytor Children have been exploring the outdoors this week as the Year 1s mapped their environment indoors and outdoors. The Foundation children joined them as they headed out to the garden to see what physical features the Year 1s could find. The children were thrilled to see our friendly robin especially as he treated us all to some lovely singing. Most of the bugs were in hiding due to the cold weather but there were a few woodlouse and snails to be found hiding under the bark. Earlier in the week the children made paper elephants with peg legs and had fun breaking up the ice and seeing how long it took to melt in the sunshine. 


Birthday Fun with Gus the Gorilla

Haytor children had a surprise birthday party this week as Gus the Gorilla celebrated his 6th Birthday. The children have been learning about why we have birthdays and what they mean to us and they all helped Gus to celebrate his birthday in style. They all lined up outside the classroom and then came in to wish him a Happy Birthday, some children carrying in presents and cards that they had made. They helped Gus to open those and then had a game of pass the parcel. The party food was enjoyed by everybody with a huge chocolate cake being shared by everyone. There was a game of follow my leader with Gus being the leader and the afternoon ended with a story.

'I loved having a birthday party for Gus, he is so funny' - Cyril, Year 1

'The best bit of the birthday was the yummy cake' - Maisie, Foundation


Christmas Fun

Haytor children enjoyed lots of fun in the last week of the Autumn Term. The Christmas party was enjoyed by everybody with tasty food kindly donated by the parents and a special visitor came to hand out a little gift to all the children. The Christmas lunch which was served by the staff was great fun and the children enjoyed popping their crackers and finding out which toy they had won in theirs.


Road Safety Week

Haytor children went out for a walk round the village to learn how to safely cross the roads. They had a go at crossing quieter roads with an adult and then they crossed the road with a Traffic Control Officer or Lollipop lady as they still like to call her!

'We must always stop at a kerb.' - Grace, Reception

'We need to look left and right and listen.' - Paige, Year 1

'Always hold an adult's hand.' - Benjamin, Reception

'Never run across a road, it's too dangerous.' - Michael, Reception

Haytor pupils have been mixing maths and cooking this week. Some of the children have been making chocolate chip buns and rolling a dice to see how many chocolate chips they could put into their mixture. The Year 1 children used their knowledge of number bonds to decorate biscuits with icing and then added chocolate chips and silver balls on top of each one. Everyone enjoyed the activities and were even more delighted to take the buns home to eat them at the end of the day.


Haytor children have been looking at the story of Tattybogle the Scarecrow who gets blown to pieces by the wind but his main stick grows into a tree. They were then thinking about this story and using it in their learning this week. Year 1 pupils planned and wrote their own scarecrow story and used music to help them recreate the Tattybogle story on the Haytor stage. The Reception children drew and painted scarecrows and then Haytor worked together as a team to create our very own 'Tattybogle' Scarecrow. This is now proudly displayed in the Haytor playground.
This week the Year 1 pupils were looking at some 'bossy words' or as they know them imperative verbs in their instruction writing and then trying out their instructions by making (and then eating) jam sandwiches. They then took it in turns to support the Reception children whilst they had a go at making some too. Lots of exploring took place in our water tray which had been turned into it's own leaf and twig micro-environment. Later in the week the Year 1 children looked at the leaves in more detail and matched them to the tree name. There was lots of building and creating happening and the mud kitchen was busy with the creation of many a tasty dish. We did only pretend to eat all the tasty food in the mud kitchen but our jam sandwiches were too good to resist! At the end of the week we enjoyed some time outside in the sunshine with our dressing up box and musical instruments.

This week in Haytor we have been exploring our outside area to find different materials. The Year  children wrote lists for the Reception children who became material detectives. We have been learning how to use our number lines, putting numbers in the right order and practising counting one more. We used lots of different items to help us achieve this including our measuring worms and our bananas!



Haytor children have been spending the week exploring their classroom, building, drawing and exploring their outside space too. The Year 1s have been ordering their numbers and practising their handwriting. The classroom environment has been providing Haytor with some exciting discoveries with a butterfly joining the children in the classroom and a few spiders entertaining them outside in the playground.