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Belstone - Year 6

Welcome to Belstone Class (2017-2018)


Belstone is a Year 6 class which currently has 15 pupils and is being taught by Mr Brad Skinner.

The House Captains and Prefects of the school are chosen from our Year 6 pupils, along with School Council, Eco and Ethos chairs, Sports Ambassador and Librarian. Belstone Class take it in turns to lead the children during the morning DPA session and pride themselves in setting a good example to the rest of the school through all the school day.

Posted 18.12.17

Belstone children have been given a maths paper (30 mins); two 10 minute SPaG CGP papers. Please can children work through these during the holidays. They can split it up these up into mini sections (for example 10 minutes a day)  so not spend too much time but to help the children keep ticking over and help retain learnt content.


They have also taken home the CGP books. All children are to complete SPaG CGP booklet for pages 38-43. If your child has the advanced level Maths CGP book, they will need to complete pages 16-17. Children with the standard CGP Maths book will need to complete pages 14-19.  In addition, for those children who have been given additional spelling books can they will need to complete pages 2-5. 


It's important that the children have a well deserved break. They have worked exceptionally hard. I do not recommend that they try to complete the work in a short amount of time, little and often will ensure they retain and recall more information. 

Happy Christmas to all! I look forward to welcoming year 6 back next year!





SATS Maths help and SATS information powerpoint from parent workshop on 12.12.17

Home learning books:


Belstone children have been given two CGP books (one for mathematics and one for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar). These will help to consolidate learning. The expectation  is that when they go, they are brought in every day still- this is because we still use them in the mornings. Mr.Skinner will post the page numbers for the children to work on. 


This week to be completed for next Thursday (14.12.17) children are expected to complete pages 22,24,26 for the advanced level books and 24,25 and 33 for the standard level. Both are focusing on common multiples and fractions. 




Morwellham Quay!

Belstone had a fantastic day. We learnt what it was like in a Victorian school; how they made rope and at what age children were expected to work and finally we travelled into the dark mine to uncover how they uncovered copper ore.




Can children please learn spellings beginning with s,t,v and y.

These will be the final round of spellings to have learnt from the year 5/6 word list. Can children also learn  X9   X11     X12 . These will be tested 30.11.17

Children will be soon taking home CGP books to work through various skills in Maths, grammar, while continual spellings will be built on. They will need to bring these in daily as they will also be used during the morning tasks.

Can I also take this opportunity to remind you that Belstone will be going to Morwellham (29.11.17) , they have been invited to dress in Victorian clothing!





Please can children learn spellings from 'P,Q,R' from the year 5/6 PDF document. Can you also ask your children for them to explain the rules associated with adding ing,ed, er and est. They are basic spellings but need to be demonstrated very securely in year 6.


Times tables- can they practise the X3   X8     X12     X30      X80.    These will be test next Wednesday 22nd November.

Please look out for further information to how homework will be happening in the coming weeks. 


Thanks Mr.Skinner

Remembrance service by Belstone

Remembrance service by Belstone 1
Remembrance service by Belstone 2
Remembrance service by Belstone 3
Remembrance service by Belstone 4
Remembrance service by Belstone 5
Remembrance service by Belstone 6
Remembrance service by Belstone 7
Remembrance service by Belstone 8
Remembrance service by Belstone 9
Remembrance service by Belstone 10
Remembrance service by Belstone 11
Remembrance service by Belstone 12
Remembrance service by Belstone 13
Remembrance service by Belstone 14
Remembrance service by Belstone 15

Can children please learn spellings beginning with the letters 'm,n,o' aswell as learning the homophone spellings of the following.  Advice, advise, device, devise, practice, practise, licence and license. For their timetables, can they learn the X4   X7     X11      X40      X70.

These will be tested next Thursday on the 9.11.2017.



Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down!

Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 1
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 2
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 3
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 4
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 5
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 6
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 7
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 8
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 9
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 10
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 11
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 12
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 13
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 14
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 15
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 16
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 17
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 18
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 19
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 20
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 21
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 22
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 23
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 24
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 25
Pinhole cameras! Belstone's world turned upside down! 26



Can children learn spellings from the year 5/6 spelling list PDF for letters beginning with - g,h,i,l. Also can they learn times tables up to 12 lots of - x6 x8  x60 x80. These will be tested for the week commencing after half term (30.10.17) The children have also been given a worksheet to complete that relates to converting grams to kilograms, converting between mm, cm and metres with some work on time. Children may find it really useful and more exciting to complete this practically. 




Picture 1
Children have been extra busy today! Belstone children alongside year 5 children from Burrator, were treated to a performance from Teign School.  They were shown key scenes from their production, (which we look forward to seeing during Decemeber) and taught us some key lyrics and movements. 


Still image for this video
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21

Teign School netball festival for Belstone!

Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 1
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 2
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 3
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 4
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 5
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 6
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 7
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 8
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 9
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 10
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 11
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 12
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 13
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 14
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 15
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 16
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 17
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 18
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 19
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 20
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 21
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 22
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 23
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 24
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 25
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 26
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 27
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 28
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 29
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 30
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 31
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 32
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 33
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 34
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 35
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 36
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 37
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 38
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 39
Teign School netball festival for Belstone! 40

05.10.2017 to be tested on 12.05.17


This week, children are to focus on these timetables:

x4   x6   x40   x60


For spelling can children work on (from 5/6 spelling list pdf- 'c' to 'd') aswell as these spellings from our spelling lessons this week:


horrible, terrible, possible, edible, invincible 

adorable, forgivable, disposable, enjoyable, valuable.


Many thanks, 





This week for spelling can children focus on words beginning with 'a-b' on the year 5/6 spelling list PDF.

Times tables are x3, x5 ,x30, x50. These will be tested on 4.10.2017

Kind regards,



Belstone home-learning letter; Chudleigh Knighton year 6 checklist- helpful to understand terms for grammar; spelling lists

Picture 1



Belstone Class (2016-2017)


Belstone is a Year 5/Year 6 class which currently has 23 pupils and is being taught by Mrs Nikki Beazley and Mrs Mandy King.

The House Captains and Prefects of the school are chosen from our Year 6 pupils, along with School Council, Eco and Ethos chairs, Sports Ambassador and Librarian.  Belstone Class take it in turns to lead the children during the morning DPA session and pride themselves in setting a good example to the rest of the school through all the school day.

Athletics - Teign School

Year 5 and 6 went over to Teign School this week to take part in an Athletics festival. They jumped and ran and threw their way through the fun session and had the opportunity to use equipment that they had not used before.  


Victorian Animation

As part of their Lights, Camera, Action topic, Belstone children learnt all about Victorian Animation and how to make their own zoetrope. They then designed and made their own either individually or in a pair. They enjoyed looking at each other's work and thinking about what it was like in the very early days of animation before computers.

Maths Day at Dunsford Primary

A few Belstone children attended a Maths Day at Dunsford Primary along with Mrs Preston. The children had lots of maths challenges that they had to complete during the day and had a chance to let off some steam in the playing fields as well. All the children had a great time and although some of the challenges were harder than others they felt proud that they had tried their hardest on every activity.



Buddy time with Haytor

This week Belstone revisited Haytor classroom when they spent some time buddying up with Reception and Year 1 children. Belstone children supported the younger ones with their worksheets, 'Lifecycle of a Chicken' in anticipation of the hatching of the chicks early next week. They also read stories with them and supported them with their active learning.

Organic Food Tasting

Mr Stocks set Belstone Class a taste challenge on Friday when he selected a variety of foods and put the organic and non-organic side by side. The children did not know which was which and took part in a taste experiment, noting down on the board which they preferred out of the two. The organic food was the most popular but a lot of children said they would probably not buy it because it was more expensive than the non-organic but that it was tastier.

'The organic food was much tastier but I'm not sure I would buy it as it's more expensive' - Maya, Year 6

'The organic food tasted purer and we found out that it doesn't have fertiliser or pesticides put on it so I think that's why it tastes better' - Ava, Year 6

'I don't normally like eating strawberries but the organic ones were really tasty' - Oli, Year 6

Finding the best deals

Belstone children examined the magazines and newspapers to find out all the good deals that were on during the January Sales. Using their knowledge of percentages they worked out how much money they would save on each item trying to find the best bargain of the day.


Vincent Van Gogh

The children in Belstone had the opportunity to create some masterpieces this week during their art sessions as they learnt about Vincent Van Gogh, the post-impressionist painter. They recaptured 'The Starry Night' and then created a self portrait by copying their faces and painting them.

'I look like a green and yellow lizard' - Finlay, Year 5

'Mine doesn't look like me anymore' - Catriona, Year 5

'Your picture looks like you so much, mine does a bit' - Rhys, Year 6 (talking to his friend).


Circulatory System

Belstone children became the circulatory system as part of their science this week. They took it in turns to move blood cells round the body that had been set up in the hall, exchanging oxygen or carbon dioxide returning it to the heart and lungs.

'It was good to see how it all works' - Jack, Year 6

'I ended up with lots of oxygen in my blood cells, when I was being the brain. That's a good thing!' - Oli, Year 6

Clay Chocolate!

As part of their Chocolate Topic the children in Belstone class chose a chocolate bar then recreated it using clay. Some of them were quite lifelike although no one was tempted to have a taste!



Bradley Bends Housing Visit

Belstone children were invited to the housing development at Bradley Bends, Bovey Tracey and went inside the Show home to have an explore. They were asked to draw a picture of an item in the house that they had been inspired by to be entered into a competition to win a voucher. The winner of the voucher was Charlie who was presented with the voucher in assembly. Well done Charlie!


Belstone children have been learning about blood and how the heart works in science over the last couple of weeks and made some Blood smoothies with different ingredients representing the different parts of the blood. They then had the opportunity to watch a heart dissection where they could actually see the working parts of a heart.

'I loved doing the smoothies, it was really interesting to see what blood is made of, it helped me understand more clearly. The smoothie was delicious too!' - Oli, Year 6

'I wasn't sure whether I would like to see the heart dissection but it was really good to see what your heart is made of. You don't realise what an important job it does.' - Primrose, Year 5


Teamwork at Christmas

Belstone children were visited by children from Kestor and Saddle Tor during the run up to the Christmas holidays as they made their Christingles together. They encouraged them to be careful when using the cocktail sticks and there was more than one reminder to the younger pupils about not eating the sweets until after the Christingle Service taking place later that day!



Belstone pupils have been looking into the speed of light and reflectors this week in Science. They had a practical session with some cheese and a microwave to explore the speed of light and to take measurements to find out the results.

'It was really good fun to see the cheese melting and measuring how far the bubbles were away from each other.' - Faith, Year 6

'I didn't realise that you couldn't see reflectors unless a light was shining on it, it was very interesting.' - Oli, Year 6

Maths Marathon Day -Shapes

Belstone children explored shapes as part of their Maths Marathon Day in September. They looked at 2D and 3D shapes, challenged each other to work out which one they were talking about and even made some of their own using the polydron pieces and paper nets.

Straw Construction!

Equipped with just 25 paper art straws and a roll of sticky tape Burrator and Belstone were challenged to make the tallest tower they could that would support the weight of a toy car. The small groups demonstrated fantastic teamwork, building skills and an understanding of forces to build some truly impressive towers. The competition was extremely close with the eventual winners producing a tower that supported the car’s weight at a height of 34cm!

Well done to the children from both classes!

Tag Rugby Festival

Belstone children attended a Tag Rugby Festival at Teign School during the week. The afternoon session was designed to allow the children to learn new skills which will help them during their Tag Rugby games. The cold weather went unnoticed with all the throwing, catching and tackling skills being practised. The children enjoyed the sessions with the Teign School pupils.

'It was really good fun, I enjoyed doing all the activities' - Faith, Year 6.

'I love playing rugby and it was fun to do the skills with my friends at school' - Harrison, Year 4.

'I think it will help us when we play Tag Rugby games for our school team' - Daniel, Year 6.

Shadow Science

Belstone pupils explored shadows this week and using a variety of objects they measured the shadows that were created by the objects. With the sun shining it was hard to find darker areas of the classrooms to create their torch shadows but the children were very inventive and were able to find their own spaces to carry out their experiments.


Sketching Monarchs!

Belstone children have been perfecting their sketching skills with past and present monarchs as their subject. After completing a first drawing they then worked to see how they could improve their sketch the second time.

Gloopy Science!

As part of their science children in Belstone made their own gloop and examined the strange consistency of it. Thinking it was going to be liquid but then discovering that it went harder with pressure caught the children unawares. There were lots of smiles during the session as the children relived memories of their time playing with gloop in Haytor!

Mock Elections

As part of their Great British Values topic Belstone pupils held mock elections this week, learning about the different political parties and then voting on who they thought should be in power.



 Belstone Class (2015-2016)

Belstone was a Year 5/Year 6 class which had 25 pupils and was taught by Mrs Laura Trayte and Mrs Kate Collins.




Trip to Crealy

The Year 6 pupils enjoyed a final trip all together to Crealy Adventure Park before the end of term. The weather was good although they still managed to get wet on the various water slides at the park!

Sports Week

Chudleigh Knighton Primary School held a Sports Week before the end of term and Belstone pupils had fun taking part in lots of different sporting activities. With Cricket and Hockey there was also sports like Boccia and walking Football. Well done all of you for being really great athletes and using your school values throughout the course of the busy week.

Machine Gunner Drama

The children of Belstone took part in some drama sessions during our Queen Birthday Celebration day. They worked in small groups and decided how they were going to perform a part of The Machine Gunners by Robert Westall to the rest of the class.


Measuring Maths

Belstone were involved in lots of measuring during their maths lessons this week. Making their own measuring tools they explored the school inside and out to find different ways of measuring heights and lengths.


Bristol Residential

Belstone Class headed off in the sunshine on their Residential Trip on Tuesday 24th May ready for a few days full of adventure. They visited the Suspension Bridge, SS Great Britain and even managed a trip to the theatre. They all had a great time and arrived back to school on Thursday with lots of stories to tell their families. All of the children were commended on their behaviour over the few days. Well done to all of you.


Well done to all of you for working so hard during your SATS week. The sun has arrived and your Residential will be here soon.
Picture 1

World War II day!

Belstone class as part of their Topic were able to take part in a day dedicated to learning about World War II and what life was like around that time. Using woodworking skills they made their own rubber band guns and targets. They looked at a variety of World War II artefacts and sketched some of their favourites into their sketch books. With finger knitting and other pastimes the day was soon over and time to get back to 2016.


Magistrate's Visit

In February Belstone were visited by two magistrates who came to help us understand what happens in a court. The pupils were given a series of cards depicting crimes and had to decide in their groups which one would have the biggest sentence passed. They then took part in a mock court case with several pupils playing the parts of all the participants in the court case.

European Summit Meeting

The 2016 European Summit Meeting was held this week in Belstone Class, Chudleigh Knighton Primary School. Members of each country involved in the Second World War had the chance to discuss their involvement. The children all spoke clearly and gave lots of information to the rest of the 'Summit members'.

'I really enjoyed taking part in the Summit' Harry explained. 'It gave us a chance to hear about the other countries involvement in the war, I found it interesting.'



Christmas Jumper Day!

Belstone Pupils invented some Christmas themed games and charged 10p a go on 18th December 2015. The children had a lot of fun putting their stalls together and the other classes took turns to visit them and were challenged by the various activities. Well done to all of you for helping to raise funds for Macmillan, Make A Wish and Save the Children fund through the Text Santa appeal.



Sharing our Home Projects

There was a wide variety of Victorian Shoe Box projects to show and tell in Belstone at the end of the Autumn Term. The pupils had worked hard at home to produce a Victorian scene. There were living rooms with chimney sweeps, Victorian Classrooms and a coal mine. The children enjoyed looking at each other's projects and sharing with each other how they had made them.

Paper Planes!

Belstone class were challenged this week to make their own paper plane and then went outside to see which one would fly the furthest. 'It was really hard to get it to fly in a straight line with the wind outside.' James explained. The children measured the distance each plane flew.

Netball Festival - Teign School

The year 5's and 6's were invited to take part in a netball festival at Teign School. Following a warm up session, the children practised the skills needed to be successful in netball. There was lots of throwing, catching and shooting with many children proving to have lots of talent. To finish the festival a mini tournament was held where the children could practise all the things that had learnt during the session at Teign School. Everyone had a great time. 'The netball posts were really high so it was a real challenge to try to get the ball in the net.' James explained.


Dartmoor Food Project

Alex and Dee from the Dartmoor Food Project spent the day working with Burrator and Belstone classes. During their visit the pupils looked at ‘food waste’ and the amount of rubbish that ends up in the land fill site. They investigated a variety of waste and discussed whether it could be recycled or not.   Using magnifying glasses they examined compost samples to see which mini beasts were within it.

Victorian Day

Belstone children took part in a Victorian Day. With all members of the class in Victorian dress, including the adults, the children found out what it was like to be in a Victorian classroom. Straight backs, no talking and definitely no giggling were the order of the day with the Master and Mistresses wielding canes for any bad behaviour! The handwriting lesson was carried out using slate boards and was 'quite hard to do, it wasn't a bit like writing on paper.' Faith explained. In the afternoon the physical education was performed outside using drills and routines. 'It wasn't a bit like our PE, it was more like being in the army.' - Charles.

The children took part in some Victorian cooking with scones and milk jelly being made. The children didn't get to eat the treats until the following day with mixed feelings about them. The scones were 'yummy' and were all eaten up. Oli wasn't so impressed with the milk jelly. 'It didn't taste that nice' whereas Daniel decided he liked it so much he was happy to finish his own and Oli's too! All in all the children were relieved to be back in the year 2015 but had enjoyed tasting Victorian school life.

Bread Making

The children in Belstone Class made some bread rolls as part of their literacy and Topic work this week. Weighing the ingredients and mixing with some of the flour escaping out of the bowl in some instances. The children then were able to taste their home-made bread rolls once they had been cooked. 'It was good fun kneading the dough.' Tyler explained.

Remembrance Service

Belstone Class thoughtfully led the school in our Remembrance Service on the 11th November. Beginning the service with a powerpoint and a two minute silence, Belstone pupils then led us in prayers and recited 'In Flander's Fields' and 'The Poppy Lady'.  With a rousing rendition of Tipperary to raise everyone's spirits the service concluded with prayers. Gene played the children out of the hall on the piano. A few members of Belstone Class joined the uniformed pupils to pay their respects at the three war graves at the Church and laid a wreath and three crosses. A prayer was led by Dylan and Reece. Well done to all of you for taking part with thoughtfulness and respect.

Morwellham Quay

What an amazing time the children had at Chudleigh Knighton School during the last week of this half term. Belstone Class travelled back to the Victorian ages with a trip to Morwellham Quay in Cornwall. They were taught in a small, cold classroom with punishments dished out for bad behaviour and sitting with a slouch! Wearing Victorian outfits the children all got into the spirit of the day and thoroughly enjoyed their visit. They visited the cold, damp mines and experienced life as child miners. 'We had to hammer stones whilst crouching,' Oli explained. 'The children in Victorian times had to do it for 8 hours a day. I would not want to be a Victorian!' The children came back full of stories of being on board a large Victorian boat and how the houses made them feel like they really had travelled back in time. Bringing their class topic to life the children are now better able to picture life as a Victorian.

Harvest Assembly

A few members of Belstone Class told us all about St Petrocks. This is a charitable organisation in Exeter that helps homeless people. The food collected before the service was taken to the Church and then onto St Petrock's to be given out to the homeless and vulnerably housed people. Well done to you all for speaking so thoughtfully about the charity and the benefactors of the harvest food.

Netball Skills

During PE this week we have been learning some netball skills. We practised our throwing and catching in pairs then worked on strategies for passing to another player whilst being marked. Mr Skinner helped us learn ways to mark the opposition to help us intercept the ball during a game of netball.

Light and Dark

Belstone Class used their maths skills this week during science when they experimented with light and dark. They examined shadows and discovered how light travelled when an object was placed in the way.

Belstone Class Assembly

Belstone Class performed the first Class Assembly of the School year on Tuesday 15th September. It was an assembly encouraging everyone to keep trying and not to give up when things get tough. The children introduced a video clip of Derek Redmond, a 400m winner who tore a hamstring during the Olympic race but finished the race in pain because he did not want to give up after all his months of training. Some members of Belstone read out quotes from famous people and from the Bible about not giving up. Well done to all of Belstone for giving us food for thought which will hopefully make us all try that little bit harder.




 Belstone Class (2014-2015)


Belstone was a Year 6 class which had 19 pupils and was taught by Mrs Nikki Beazley.




Final Sports Day for Year 6

For Burrator this was the last time that they could show off their athletic prowess at the School Sports Day and what a great job they did. Everyone taking part in the races showed determination and skill as they ran, raced, balanced eggs, splashed water and dressed up. The house captains and prefects had their work cut out directing their team mates and setting the races up under the watchful eye of Mrs Dennis. With Sam, our Sports Ambassador, handing over the cup to Exe House Captain, Katelyn, the Sports Day was brought to a lovely close. Well done to you all and we hope you enjoy your next Sports Day in your new schools just as much as the ones you've enjoyed here at Chudleigh Knighton Primary School.

Barton Hall Residential

Year 6 went off to Barton Hall on Wednesday for their 3 day Residential trip, they all returned with lots of stories which will become fond memories for them. From abseiling to raft building, archery to crate challenges they were certainly kept busy during their time away. The children attended a disco on Thursday evening and did a little shopping to bring home a souvenir. The tired but happy children arrived back in time for end of school on Friday. Thank you to all the staff for facilitating such an amazing opportunity. More photos to follow in the Gallery

Persuasive Texts

Belstone Class worked hard on persuasive texts and had the opportunity to record them onto small clips which can be found in the link below. Would you be persuaded to come to Chudleigh Knighton Primary School? Well done to you all for your hard work on this activity.

Air Raid Shelter Projects

Members of Belstone Class were set the challenge of creating an air raid shelter for their project in the Spring Term. The children brought in some amazing shelters and shared their ideas and creations with the rest of the class. They were all so well thought out and produced. Well done to you all for making such imaginative projects.


Funding Debate

Belstone Class was joined by Burrator Class in the School Hall for a debate about where the government should spend its money!The proposal would funding be better spent on health or education raised many interesting thoughts and ideas from all those in the room. The children argued their points firmly and accurately and there was need, on occasion. for the Chair to put the hammer to good use. The final vote showed that the majority of the children would like Health to benefit from the funding rather than Education.

Belstone Summer Newsletter 2015

ICT in Maths

Handball Tournament

A handball team from Belstone Class attended a handball tournament this week at Blackpool School. The two teams played really well and the children enjoyed the experience. One of our teams won the tournament overall. One of the spectators commented on how well both teams had played. Well done to all those involved in the matches.

Cross Country

With a competition coming up in a few weeks, a lovely sunny day provided the perfect opportunity for Belstone and Burrator to head down to the school field to practice their cross country running. Mr Spraggon and Mrs Beazley were both really impressed with the attitude and perseverance shown by all of the runners. Everyone gave their very best, which was brilliant to see! 

Tae Kwon Do

Belstone Class, amongst others, were able to take part in a session of Tae Kwon Do when the school was visited by an expert from South West Taekwon Do. The class had a chance to practise some of the moves and learn a little bit about the ancient art.

Lung Capacity

Belstone Class got all 'huffy' during their science experiment to test their Lung capacity. They attempted to blow all the water out of plastic bottles to see how much air they had in their lungs.

Measuring Lung Capacity

Belstone children, along with Burrator class visited Teign School on Monday 2nd February 2015 to take part in their Handball Festival. The activities which were delivered by Teign School pupils proved to be challenging and fun. The children had the chance to improve on their ball skills, dribbling techniques and defending. They will hopefully be able to use these new skills during our P.E sessions here at school.

Handball Festival - Teign School

Modelling the Circulation

Belstone Class were creating a human model which represented the double circulation of blood flow through the heart, lungs and body. Working in groups they took it in turns to move through their friends to see what happens to blood as it flows around our body.

Belstone Newsletter January 2015

Victorian Day


Belstone Class had a challenging day as they all dressed up and went back to Victorian Times. Mrs Jefferson Jones (aka Mrs Beazley) kept them on their toes with her strict regime during the day.  The classroom had a complete make under with display boards being covered up with black paper, with no whiteboards the children's lessons were carried out using chalkboards and chalk. The children had to stand to attention when another adult entered the room, this proved to be too much for some of the class members and reprimands were handed out to those who were too busy practising their handwriting to notice the entrance of the visitors. Victorian games were played in the afternoon and some members of the class did some cross stitch which was a traditional Victorian pastime. A great day was had by all involved and the children enjoyed being able to experience a day in the life of a Victorian, helping to bring their Topic to life for them.


Children in Need - 14th November 2015

Remembrance Service

Belstone Class led the Remembrance Service this year and they all contributed to make it a heartfelt and moving occasion. The children recited The Poppy poem and In Flanders Fields, gave information about why we have Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. They also explained why people wear poppies today. The following Scout and Guide groups were represented today with children and adults coming in their uniform to show their respect.

  • 1st Heathfield St Catherines Scout Group
  • 21st Exeter (St Lawrence) Scout Group
  • 1st Chudleigh Scout Group
  • 1st Bovey Tracey Scout Group
  • 2nd Chudleigh Guides
  • 2nd Bovey Tracey Guides

The children in Belstone and across the school showed a maturity and respect that made the whole school very proud.


Lightbulb Moment for Belstone!

Belstone have been investigating electricity in Science learning all about what conducts electricity. They discovered that their own bodies conduct electricity with this experiment where one of the children acted as a switch to turn the light on and get a buzzer to work. Below you can see the light working and the circuit made by all the Belstone children. What an electrical atmosphere there was in the class that day!

Play Leading Role for Belstone Class


Belstone Class, along with Dylan from Burrator, took on the role of play leaders for Year 2 pupils. Following two training sessions led by Mr Flint from Teign School, the children hosted over 100 Year 2 children from schools across our local learning community on our school field. The activities were organised and led by the children who demonstrated our school’s core values within their approach. Not only did the Year 2 children thoroughly enjoy themselves while developing fundamental PE skills but the play leaders also made excellent progress in their leadership skills throughout the morning. 

Morwellham Quay Visit

Belstone have enjoyed a brilliant day at Morwellham Quay as part of their Victorians topic this term. The children experienced what life was like in a Victorian school, writing on slate with slate pencils and being disciplined by the very strict Mrs Lewis! They were transported by train down a copper mine where they improved their understanding of what life was like for the Victorian miners. Following this, costumes were tried on as they were transformed into Victorian men and women. Finally they learnt how rope can be made by using machinery to twist to the strands together. More photos from the trip can be found in the gallery and below.

Morwhellham Quay Visit

Morwhellham Quay Visit 1
Morwhellham Quay Visit 2
Morwhellham Quay Visit 3
Morwhellham Quay Visit 4
Morwhellham Quay Visit 5
Morwhellham Quay Visit 6
Morwhellham Quay Visit 7
Morwhellham Quay Visit 8
Morwhellham Quay Visit 9
Morwhellham Quay Visit 10

Belstone's Budding Reporters

Belstone have provided us with some budding reporters for our sports events and competitions. Katelyn and Eleanor, along with Sam our Sports Ambassador will be giving us the low down on all the matches and games that we are involved in. To read their match reports please click here


Belstone Class (2013-2014)


Belstone was a mixed year 5/6 class which had 25 pupils and was taught by Mr Simon Westwood.


Barton Hall Residential Trip

The Year 6's had an amazing time at Barton Hall. They overcame fears to conquer the various challenges that were put in front of them. With abseiling, archery and cycling making up some of the fun activities they were involved in. A great time was had by all and they all came home suitably worn out.

More photos of the Residential Trip can be found in the Gallery.

Belstone 'Great Sporting Events' Newsletter Summer 2014

Belstone Flooded Out!

This half term Belstone have been learning all about Flooding in their topic. This week gave them the chance to create their own houses and experience flooding first hand. With Miss Kelly, the student teacher, the children tested materials, worked out how much their house would cost and then were able to build their own houses. Taking them out onto the playground they flooded the buildings to see which one would be able to withstand the water. More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Belstone Newsletter Spring Term

Belstone Newsletter Autumn Term

Belstone Newsletter Summer Term

Belstone Newsletter