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Sports Funding

Primary School Sport Funding

What is the Sports Funding?  The National Picture


Sports funding was introduced by the Government in September 2013.  It was designed to give additional money to support schools in developing Physical Education in Schools and build an 'Olympic Legacy'.


Where does the money come from?


Sports Funding is allocated to schools based on the number of children on roll (Years 1-6) plus an additional flat rate.  It has been indicated that schools will receive this funding for two academic years (13/14 and 14/15).  Because the funding has been allocated for academic years rather than financial years, the funding allocation goes across three financial years.






The aim of promoting PE and School Sport is to:

  • Increase participation in physical activity both within and outside of the curriculum time.
  • To make all physical activities inclusive to all.
  • To develop self esteem and confidence.
  • To promote positive behaviour and raise attainment.

How has the money been spent?

Partnership Agreement

Chudleigh Knighton CE Primary School is part of the Teign Valley Learning Community, a group of schools who work together to plan events and share good practice for the benefit of children. We subscribe to the ‘School Sport Partnership’ (SSP) and as such are able to attend sporting festivals and participate in competitions held throughout the year. These include; tag-rugby, hand-ball, athletics, gymnastics, football and netball. It is beneficial, particularly in a small school setting, to have use of the wider range of resources available, at both Teign School and South Dartmoor Community College, through our membership of the SSP.

First Federation

As well as SSP festivals and competitions, children at Chudleigh Knighton also benefit from a number of sporting opportunities organized through the First Federation. For two out of the past three years, both our Colts and Senior Netball Teams have won the inter-schools annual Netball competitions, held at Blackpool CE Primary School! Part of the funding has been used to contribute towards the cost of a mini-bus for transporting pupils to the various festivals and competitions.

In addition:

  • It has facilitated increased professional development for teachers to enhance their PE teaching skills, whereby they plan, observe and work alongside a PE consultant. Teachers agree areas of focus that include confidence, subject knowledge, lesson structure, assessment and planning for progression.
  • Purchase of a range of sporting equipment such as hard balls, footballs, goal posts and team kits.
  • Paying for children in years 3 and 5 to receive swimming lessons during the summer term.
  • Funding a whole week of sporting activities during July, including Premier Sport spending time with every age group, focusing on a sport that children would normally find difficult to access.
  • Provision of a wide range of sports opportunities throughout the year:

Fencing (KS2), Ballet (Foundation/KS1), Golf, Tennis, Mini-Cricket, Multi-Skills (Foundation/KS1), Curling and Taekwondo.




The files below give a breakdown of the actual funding.