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The School Council

The School Council is made up of members from each Year Group in the school, voted for by our class members and we work alongside Mrs Nicola Kelly. We meet at least once every half term. We help to co-ordinate the voting for our Virtual Visits and any voting on the Pupil Choice Menus. We have our own Suggestion Box that is kept in the School Hall and is accessible to everyone to pass on their comments and suggestions. 

Autumn Term 2017


The School Council were voted and had regular meetings throughout the Autumn Term.  During the term, we chose the location for 2 successful virtual visits. We also changed the way the school snack system worked.  The School Council felt that snack on offer did not support the healthy schools award so we voted for a change.  The snack on offer now is crackers and cheese with slices of fruit or vegetables.  School Council members, alongside Year 6 volunteers, organise and manage the snack. The update for snack has been great and feedback suggests the new system is a success. 

Our Spring Term 'project' is to help relaunch learning exchange. 


School Council Minutes

School Council 2017/18

January 2017

The School Council have had meetings regarding the Virtual Visits and the votes received. There have also been a few items that have been discussed and actions have been taken towards putting those into operation.


September 2016

The School Council held its first meeting this month discussing the ideas that had been put forward by members of the school and deciding which countries to put forward to the voting for the next Virtual visit.

School Council 2016-2017

June 2016

A meeting was held on the 20th June 2016 the minutes are detailed below.

March 2016

The meeting involved counting the votes for our Virtual Visit day between Glasgow, Liverpool and Newcastle. The voting was very close between Newcastle and Liverpool but Liverpool was the city that was voted for by the most people.

February 2016

The typed up minutes for this meeting are below.


January 2016

In this meeting we voted on our choices for the next Virtual visit. The choices we were going to put to the school to vote on were: Space, Switzerland and Ethiopia. We also emptied our Suggestions Box and talked about any items that we thought we could help with. One of the items that came up was about having a football outside and we would liaise with Mrs Hall and Mr Spraggon to see what type of football we could have. We would also talk to James our Sports Ambassador to see if he would be happy to have a system of putting the ball away and keeping it safe for the school.

December 2015

This meeting we held another discussion about where to visit next on our Multicultural Visit and came up with Norway, Scotland and Germany. We wanted somewhere that we could link nicely with Christmas. We discussed the Pupil Choice Menu for our last week of term, putting together all the choices that had come forward from our class mates. We also discussed helping to raise some money for St Petrock's. This is a charity that helps homeless people in Exeter. We discussed asking them for a collection tin so that we could persuade our class mates to raise money with us.



November 2015

During this meeting we emptied our Suggestion Box and discussed what we could put on our display board so that it was fresh and we felt like we had had some input into the design of it. This took quite a lot of time during our meeting.

October 2015

In our October meeting we discussed the options for our next Multicultural meeting . We also talked about fruit being available to all children and not just Key Stage 1. Joseph mentioned that he would like to talk to the PTFA about organising a disco for the children. We discussed having new mirrors which was a suggestion taken out of our Suggestion Box. We decided that we would like to talk to Mrs Hall about having more sports available at lunchtime.

September 2015

We had our first School Council meeting and introduced ourselves, we also spoken about our interests. We decided between us on the location of our first Virtual visit as we did not have time to get votes in from the other pupils. We decided on visiting Hawaii. We also discussed our Suggestion Box and what we could do in our roles as School Council.


Our School Council Members 2015-16

Our School Council Members 2014-2015

Our School Council Members - 2013-14