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Virtual Visits

Virtual Visit to Iceland

Our final 'virtual visit' for the Autumn Term was held on the same day as 'Christmas Jumper Day'.  Pupils came into school wearing their festive jumpers and spent the day visiting Iceland; during their trip children made marshmallow snowmen, volcanoes (some of which erupted) and investigated the currency, language and cuisine of the country.

Virtual Visit to Greece

On Friday 20th October 2017 Chudleigh Knighton Primary School went on a virtual visit to Greece. The children learned where in the world Greece was located and about the traditions and history of the country.  Children came into school dressed in either blue and white (the colours of the Greek flag) or in costume.  Whilst they were learning important facts children took part in a variety of activities; some of these included tasting Greek food, investigating the origins of the Olympics and trying their hand at javelin and hurdles and creating art work based on Greek pottery design. 

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Virtual Visit to China

On the 27th January 2017 Chudleigh Knighton Primary School went on a virtual visit to China. The children learned where in the world China is located and about the traditions and history of the country. Whilst they were learning important facts they were able to take part in a variety of arts, crafts and music. Haytor children danced like dragons and played along with some Chinese music. In Burrator class they painted using their fingers to create blossom trees and in Belstone they used forks to decorate some Roosters as it is the Year of the Rooster this year. Paper cut patterns were made in one of the classes using traditional designs, these papercrafts are used in China for birthdays and weddings.


Virtual Visit to Canada

On Friday 9th December Chudleigh Knighton Primary School went on another virtual visit, this time to Canada. The children learned where Canada is in the world and about the most famous landmarks; they also learned about the animals that have Canada as their habitat. The children moved around the classrooms taking part in lots of fun activities from making reindeer and beavers to creating their own special igloo, made out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks.

'I really love virtual visit days and doing all the different crafts' - Harrison, Year 4

'The sewing was really tricky to do when you aren't used to it' - Oli, Year 6

'The igloo building was a real challenge but it looked really good at the end.' - Catriona, Year 5

Virtual Visit to India

On 19th October 2016, Chudleigh Knighton Primary School took a visit to India for one of their Virtual visits. The children learnt all about Diwali and the celebrations that take place during that time. The children made peppermint sweets, created beautiful Rangoli patterns on paper and in Haytor's outside play area. In Kestor class the children moulded clay to make candle holders and lanterns were made in Saddle Tor. The children in Kestor were lucky enough to be able to see a real Sari which one of the pupil's had brought in for Show and Tell.

'I loved making the Rangoli patterns, the colours were amazing' - Daniel, Year 6

'I enjoyed making the sweets, it was really messy but I know they will be really yummy' - Harry, Year 4

'The clay was really sticky and made my hands go orange, it was lots of fun' - Layla, Year 3

'I loved making the sweets' - Michael, Foundation




Virtual Visit to Brazil

On Friday 20th May 2016, Chudleigh Knighton Primary School went on a virtual visit to Brazil. The children spent time in their own classes and in other classes learning about different aspects of life in Brazil. Brazilian flags were made out of tissue paper with Haytor children. Kestor enjoyed some time in the Hall creating their own Samba band with Mrs Dennis. In Saddle Tor a golden, sparkly lizard was created to represent the Rainforest. Carnival masks and dancers were being made upstairs by the children in Burrator and Belstone. There was carnival music in most classrooms and Saddle Tor even had The Jungle Book showing helping to create the Rainforest atmosphere as the different animals were being coloured in. The children enjoyed their trip to Brazil and learning about the landscape, animals and culture.


'I love the music from the drums, it makes me want to dance' - Saffron, Year 3

'It was quite hard making the wire dancers, you had to turn the wire 5 times otherwise it would fall apart' - Ronan, Year 6

'I love the macaws, they are so colourful' - Adam, Reception

Learning how to play in a Samba band!

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Virtual Visit to Liverpool

On March 18th Chudleigh Knighton Primary School participated in a virtual visit to Liverpool. In all the classes the children took part in activities learning about Liverpool and learning some songs that are linked with Liverpool. Some of the children coloured in maps once they had located Liverpool. A variety of different landmarks were discussed. Did you know that Liverpool had the first mosque in the United Kingdom and that their cathedral is the largest in the United Kingdom and the 5th largest in the world with the heaviest and highest peel of bells in the world? The children sang Beatles songs and had a go at being on the Jukebox Jury. There were boats made as the children learned about the River Mersey and outside the children practised their football skills. Bill Shankly would have been proud I'm sure! The children thoroughly enjoyed the day made that little bit more special as it was also Sports Relief day and there were a few Liverpool kits spotted during the day.

Virtual Visit to Outer Space!

On Friday 12th February Chudleigh Knighton blasted off into outer space for one of their virtual visit days. A planetarium appeared in the school hall for the morning and every child entered a world of planets, stars and space stations. The children learned about planets, painted and cut out planets and even made their own mini rockets that were propelled by their breath with straws. In the afternoon the children had a tasting session involving some Astronaut food. The general consensus was that it was quite tasty but the children would not want to eat it everyday for six months! Given that the day was also 'Mad Hair Day' there were some strange hair styles on display and several astronauts were spotted in the classes, there was even a couple of aliens! Everyone had an amazing day with the planetarium proving to be a huge hit with the children and adults alike

Virtual Visit to Germany

Chudleigh Knighton Primary School couldn't have chosen a better country to visit than Germany with Christmas just around the corner. There were fir trees being made, reindeer and stars. German carols were being learnt in Kestor classroom and upstairs the children made Pretzels and decorated German biscuits. The children learnt about Germany whilst they were enjoying their various activities and the carols were resounding around the classrooms. Even at breaktime the children went german with the DPA being some 'wunderbar Oompah' music. Thank you to Freddy's Mum who came in to teach the children the carols, the children, as usual, had a great time.

Virtual Visit to Hawaii

It may have been cold and wet outside but inside Chudleigh Knighton Primary School, on the 23rd October 2015, the classes were filled with the sound and sights of Hawaii. Members of staff wore their bright shirts and Lei's with the occasional pair of pineapple glasses thrown in for good measure. The children learned where Hawaii could be found in the world and how the islands had been formed. Children made lei's, masks, totems and palm trees in all shapes and sizes. They learnt how to play the ukulele and danced along to the sound of the ukuleles too. At break time the DPA was no other than Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley with the DPA team leading the school with some fantastic hula moves! The children had a brilliant time moving round the classrooms taking part in all the activities and will have lots of fond memories of their virtual visit to Hawaii!

Virtual Visit to France

Today saw Chudleigh Knighton Primary School travelling to France on our virtual visit. Each class took part in a variety of French themed activities. Haytor learnt how to sing Frere Jacques, even singing in a round performing to the other children during the assembly. There was French speaking and counting going on in various parts of the school. Saddle Tor were introduced to Matisse and created a piece of artwork. There was Batique making in Belstone class. There was a variety of Eiffel Towers being produced around the school and Burrator Class enjoyed the sunshine and a game of Petanque. In Kestor class they produced some hot air balloons to represent the first Hot Air balloon with passengers that took off from France with the Montgolfier brothers.  Haytor Class were rather excited about virtually walking down the Champs-Elysee on Google maps!

Virtual Visit to India

On Wednesday 18th March Chudleigh Knighton Primary School went on a virtual visit to India. There was a lot of hand painting taking place, Haytor class painted their hands to make handprint paintings, the older children decorated card hands representing Henna patterns. The children learnt about India and the people that live there. In Haytor class children learnt about which animals are considered important and were able to make their own Peacocks and Tigers in a variety of different ways. Belstone Class made some Diwali light holders out of clay whilst Saddle Tor coloured in their own Diwali candles made out of paper. In Saddle Tor Class the children learnt about Rangoli patterns and some children created their own patterns using coloured rice. Finally the children all came together at the end of the day to share their experiences of their visit to India.

Virtual Visit to China

On the 6th February 2015 the school went on a virtual visit to China to celebrate the Chinese New Year which takes place on February 19th. The children came dressed in red as part of our fundraising mufti day for the British Heart Foundation, some children came in Chinese outfits and we had a few superheroes thrown in for good measure. The children spent the day moving round the school to the different classrooms carrying out a variety of activities. The children were lantern making in Haytor classroom, using coloured card and shiny paper. In Kestor, origami dragons were made of varying sizes and shapes with a few paper plate sheep made by the younger children. Saddle Tor class provided the children with the opportunity to write in black paint using Chinese symbols. The Chopstick Challenge took place in Burrator with many children perfecting the art of moving cubes with just chopsticks. In Belstone they made Chinese paper fans. The children learned some facts about China and found out where in the world it was located. The visit was a successful one with lots of happy and tired children leaving at the end of the day clutching their fans, lanterns and dragons.

Virtual Visit to Lapland

On December 14th 2014 the whole school went on a virtual visit to Lapland, sporting various winter outfits the children took part in a variety of activities throughout the school. There were reindeer pictures, moving Santas, Christmas Trees and snowflakes in abundance. In Belstone class the children created snow globes with plastic figures and jam jars that they had brought in from home, carefully tipping in water and glitter. As always the day was very busy with  lots of fun to be had. One of the highlights of the day has to be Burrator singing 'Let it Go' from the movie Frozen whilst making snowflakes in Saddle Tor class.


Virtual Visit to Ireland

On 24th October 2014 Chudleigh Knighton Primary School children and staff enjoyed a virtual visit to Ireland. The pupils learned about the customs of Ireland, performed Irish dances, created four-leaf clovers using a variety of materials and baked soda bread.

It was a fun, action-packed day accumulating in an Sharing Assembly at the end of the day. The children shared their finished articles and a few children performed their Irish dances.

Making Irish Soda Bread

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Kestor children tell us what they are making today.

Virtual Visit to Ireland - October 2014