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Our Lessons with Miss King!

by Mollie, Holly and Catriona

Miss King does science with us,

but she has never taken us on a bus.

She doesn't like making things go boom,

On our own we act like baboons.

Some of us might go yuk,

but for some people it was just pure luck!


(written 13.1.2017)




by Joseph

Chewing gum I hate the most,

Chewing gum is literally gross,

Some are red, some are blue,

a piece is probably stuck to my shoe.


But Galaxy is my favourite so far,

All that lovely chocolate just in one chocolate bar!

(written 16.12.2016)

Our School

by Miriam, Saffron, Tilly

Our school is great because we get lots of cake

Haytor, Kestor, Saddle Tor and more

Exe, Dart and Teign.

It's fun when we get the job done.

Music lessons, keyboard, violin and guitar

we are like a family, oh yes we are.

It's fun to run around in the playground.

(written 9.12.2016)


by Primrose, Holly and Catriona

Raindrops splash on your head,

but they don't come with you to bed,

they make you wet,

luckily enough they don't have a pet,

my Mum said 'You have to wear a coat'

be careful you don't fall into a boat

Raindrops come from clouds

they make lots of different sounds

We like to play out in the rain.

(written 2.12.2016)

Chudleigh Knighton Primary School

by Joseph


Happy School.

Uses a School Council to make decisions,

Does a lot of sports.

Lovely place to be.

Everyone gets along.

It has epic teachers.

Good assemblies.

Has amazing clubs.

(written 25.11.2016)


by Charlie L

A is for apples fro the farmer's harvest.

U is for umbrellas used for rain,

T is for trees with brown, yellow and red leaves,

U is for upside down bins, blown over in the wind,

M is for ME spashing in puddles.

N is for November bonfires, smoky and warm.

(written 14.10.2016)



by Primrose, Holly and Catriona

Some of us are mad,

some of us are sad,

we're also very happy

Some need a nappy.

We like it in the breakout zone

so we can secretly fly a drone.

We like it in the Hub

because it feels like there's a dove

We like it in the hall

but it's not like a swimming pool.

In the staffroom there are biscuits, but we have to tiptoe.

(written 30.9.2016)