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Eco Committee

Eco Committee

Our Eco Committee consists of a representative from each year group and our Chair, we are supported by Mrs Lucy Dennis. Our role is to help look after the school gardens and grounds and we spend quite a lot of our time making sure that plants are watered and cared for. As a committee we also get involved in 'Switch Off Fortnight' and lead a few assemblies to help get the information across to the other members of the school.

Eco Committee 2019/20

Chelsea Flower Show

On May 27th Gene, a member of the Eco Committee visited Chelsea Flower Show along with Oli who is part of the Eco/Nature after school Club. They were chosen as they had both been part of various experiments run in the school to represent the school on the Miracle Grow stand at Chelsea. They handed out leaflets and talked to members of the public who were visiting Chelsea flower show and explained how the experiments had worked. They were able to show photos of the Eco committee and the Eco/Nature Club members looking after the school grounds and being involved in the experiments for Miracle Grow.


 'It is a real honour to be able to come to Chelsea on behalf of the ECO committee and hopefully Oli and I can tell our committee and club members all about it at school.' - Gene, Year 5

Our School Environment

One of our roles is to help look after the school garden and we enjoy planting new seeds and plants and then watching them grow. We also try to keep our indoor plants that are in each class watered.


Our Eco Code

Healthy Living