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Burrator - Years 3/4/5

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Welcome to Burrator Class 2019/2020

Burrator is a Year 3/4/5 class which currently has 29 pupils.

The class teacher is Miss Lauren Crichard.

They year 5s have been working on improving their gymnastic skills. They have had a great time.

In Science, we have been experimenting with sound. We have been finding differences in pitch, tone and volume. 

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Picture 7
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Burrator have been learning '3 Little Birds' By Bob Marley in our music lessons.  We have started to learn how to play it on the Glockenspiels and Xylophones.

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Picture 3
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This week, Year 3 and 4 from Burrator had a visit from Warburtons and they learnt about healthy living.  

This week some children from Burrator went to Westcliff Primary School to take part in a writing event.  They worked with other children from schools across the Federation. 

In Burrator we practice using clay before making our Ancient Greek pots.
We then used our skills to make our own Greek Pots.  
And finally we painted our pots in the style of Ancient Greek designs.
In science, Burrator have been learning about how scientists use observational drawings to classify and organise specimens.  The children had a go at working in groups to create a large drawing of an insect.

For History Burrator were archaeologist and carefully extracted artefacts to study and find out what life was like in Ancient Greece.  

In maths we have been working on our place value. 

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Picture 2
Picture 3
In English we have been studying the book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker.  It is a story of just pictures.  We had a go at creating our own versions and then we practice our Oracy skills by telling our stories to Haytor Class. 

Welcome to Burrator Class (2018/2019)

Burrator was a Year 3/4 class which had 25 pupils.

The class teacher was Mrs Lucy Dennis.


Please listen to your child read every night and discuss the text with them.  



Please login to Spelling Frame to practise your spellings.  Spellings are set and tested on a Monday.


Times Tables

Please login to Times Tables Rock Stars (online or as an app on tablets and phones) to practise the tables set for this week. 


Home Learning Project

Children are encouraged to bring in a project they have completed at home based on our topic.  Projects should be brought in by Thursday 4th July.

Once again we have had some fantastic projects presented this term.  Clearly the children have spent a lot of time planning and creating these amazing pieces.  Well done Saddle Tor!

Environment Day

Environment Day 1
Environment Day 2
Environment Day 3
Environment Day 4
We had lots of fun improving our environment today. We worked on some art work for the hall, filled the pond up with water, went litter picking around the school field and pre-school and had a bug hunt on the field. Well done Saddle Tor, you worked really hard today!

Parliament assembly

Parliament assembly 1
Parliament assembly 2
We had a special assembly today where we learnt about how parliament works, what it does who our MP was and how they get elected.  The children all had their own voting device so that we could all vote on questions throughout the session.

D-Day Anniversary

D-Day Anniversary 1
D-Day Anniversary 2
D-Day Anniversary 3
D-Day Anniversary 4
D-Day Anniversary 5
D-Day Anniversary 6
Today we learnt about D-Day through looking at artifacts, writing poems and doing artwork.  We were also lucky enough to have a veteran come and answer questions about being a soldier. All children in Saddle Tor asked very thoughtful questions and behaved very respectfully at our D-day service.

Wonders of the World art work

Wonders of the World art work 1
Wonders of the World art work 2
Wonders of the World art work 3
The children have worked hard to create some Wonders of the World in papier-mache.  Can you guess what they are?

Water safety talk from the RNLI

Water safety talk from the RNLI 1
Water safety talk from the RNLI 2
Water safety talk from the RNLI 3

Investigating the melting point of chocolate

Investigating the melting point of chocolate 1
Investigating the melting point of chocolate 2

Changing states of matter

Changing states of matter 1
Changing states of matter 2
Changing states of matter 3
Changing states of matter 4
Changing states of matter 5
Changing states of matter 6

Identifying solids, liquids and gases

Identifying solids, liquids and gases 1
Identifying solids, liquids and gases 2
Identifying solids, liquids and gases 3
Identifying solids, liquids and gases 4
Identifying solids, liquids and gases 5
Identifying solids, liquids and gases 6

Easter Praise Production

Easter Praise Production 1
Easter Praise Production 2
Easter Praise Production 3
Easter Praise Production 4
Easter Praise Production 5
Easter Praise Production 6
Easter Praise Production 7
A big CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE to everyone in Saddle Tor for an amazing production today.  Everyone worked really hard and remembered all their lines, dances and musical accompaniments to produce a fantastic performance.  Thank you especially to Mrs Hartigan for all her work behind the scene and to all the parents that helped with costumes and learning lines.
Well done Saddle Tor for an amazing variety of Home Learning Projects, from researched information to models, masks, puppets, Powerpoints and tapestries! Clearly a lot of time and effort has been put into these.

Internet Safety

Internet Safety 1
We had a visit from an ICT expert from EDF energy in to talk to us about internet safety.  The children thought about a range of topics including information they should share online, cyber bullying, and social media.  

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4

Cooking Norman Pottage

Cooking Norman Pottage  1
Cooking Norman Pottage  2
Cooking Norman Pottage  3
Cooking Norman Pottage  4
Cooking Norman Pottage  5
Cooking Norman Pottage  6
We enjoyed a day of designing, making, eating and evaluating some Norman pottage (soup).  The children learned to peel and chop vegetables and were all really careful when using the knives, as our safety inspectors will testify!  

Battle dancing!

Battle dancing! 1
Battle dancing! 2
Battle dancing! 3
Saddle Tor have been working in groups to create a battle dance to music.

Art in the garden

Art in the garden 1
Art in the garden 2
Art in the garden 3
We couldn't resist the lovely weather today and took our art into the garden where we practised our skills with watercolours.

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust 1
Saddle Tor had a visit from the Dogs Trust today and learnt how to stay safe around dogs and how to care for them.

Bayeux Tapestry

Bayeux Tapestry 1
Bayeux Tapestry 2
Bayeux Tapestry 3
Bayeux Tapestry 4
Bayeux Tapestry 5
Bayeux Tapestry 6
Bayeux Tapestry 7
Bayeux Tapestry 8
Bayeux Tapestry 9
Bayeux Tapestry 10
Bayeux Tapestry 11
Bayeux Tapestry 12
Saddle Tor have been learning about the event surrounding the Bayeux Tapestry as well as researching facts about the tapestry itself.  A selection of our artwork on this is shown above.

Beowulf production

Beowulf production 1
Beowulf production 2
Beowulf production 3
Beowulf production 4
Beowulf production 5
Beowulf production 6
Beowulf production 7
Beowulf production 8
Beowulf production 9
We watched a fabulous production of Beowulf, complete with inspiring live music, which has enriched our writing this week.

Electric circuits

Electric circuits 1
Electric circuits 2
Electric circuits 3
We have been studying how electricity is produced and how an electric circuit is made.

Global Warming Debate

Global Warming Debate 1
The children confidently put forward their views about global warming and whether we should be working to reduce the impact we are having on our planet.  There were some very good points raised which were excellently responded to. We voted to do as much as we could to reduce our effect on global warming.

Save the Planet Topic Work

Save the Planet Topic Work 1
Well done to everyone who brought in a project today to share with the class.  We had an amazing range of ideas and creations.

Where does food come from?

Where does food come from? 1
Where does food come from? 2
We have been examining food labels to determine where our food comes from, then locating the countries using an atlas.

Remembrance art

Remembrance art 1
Remembrance art 2
We recycled plastic bottles into these amazing poppies using glue and tissue paper.  We also wrote poems about the soldiers and poppies onto leaves which will form a display in our classroom.  Many thanks to all the parents who sent in plastic bottles!

The Digestion system

The Digestion system 1
The Digestion system 2
The Digestion system 3
The Digestion system 4
The Digestion system 5
The Digestion system 6
We have been looking at the digestive system in humans and had a lot of fun today creating our own version of it!

Firework Art

Firework Art 1
Firework Art 2
Firework Art 3
We used crayons to create a base layer, then black paint.  When this dries we were able to scratch a design onto the artwork to create some brilliant firework pictures.


Buddies 1
Buddies 2
Buddies 3
Buddies 4
Buddies 5
Buddies 6
Saddle Tor children enjoyed spending the afternoon with their new buddies today.  They shared books and made quiches, discussing where the food comes from and which food we most enjoy eating!


Farmwise 1
Farmwise 2
Farmwise 3
Farmwise 4
Farmwise 5
Farmwise 6
Farmwise 7
Farmwise 8
Farmwise 9
Farmwise 10
Farmwise 11
Farmwise 12
Farmwise 13
Farmwise 14
Farmwise 15
Farmwise 16
Farmwise 17
Year 4's spent the day at Westpoint attending the Farmwise event.  A very busy day spent learning learnt a lot about food, farming and the environment.   All the children behaved brilliantly and asked some very challenging questions!

Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant

Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 1
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 2
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 3
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 4
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 5
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 6
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 7
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 8
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and the Energy from Waste plant 9
We all had a very interesting day learning about how we can recycle our waste and what happens to the waste we don't recycle.  

Sizzling Science

Sizzling Science 1
Sizzling Science 2
Sizzling Science 3
Sizzling Science 4
Sizzling Science 5
Sizzling Science 6
Sizzling Science 7
During our Open Morning, Saddle Tor were involved in a series of science investigations including floating pencil clips, creating tornados in bottles, putting pencils through water filled bags, experimenting with milk, food dye and soap as well as learning how to make a lava lamp and how to make a bowl disappear!

Dissecting flowers

Dissecting flowers 1
Dissecting flowers 2
Dissecting flowers 3
We have been learning about the different parts of a plant and the purpose of each.  Today we learnt the function of a flower and what the different parts were called.

Waste Audit

Waste Audit 1
Waste Audit 2
Waste Audit 3
Waste Audit 4
Waste Audit 5
Waste Audit 6
Waste Audit 7
Saddle Tor  completed an audit of the waste produced at CK.  Not only did we weigh and record the waste from different areas, discussing the difference between kg and grammes, but they then sorted the recycling into the correct bins, produced a graph and evaluated our findings - all in one morning!  Well done for working so hard Saddle Tor!

Maths - Place Value

Maths - Place Value 1
Maths - Place Value 2
Maths - Place Value 3
We have been studying place value in maths, making and comparing number in different ways.  

Investigating plants

Investigating plants 1
Investigating plants 2
We have been investigating what liquids and feed plants need to survive.  We grew cress in water, salt water, juice and plant food.  We found that the cress in salt water and juice died.  

Saddle Tor Class (2017/2018)

Saddle Tor Class was a Year 3 class which had 26 pupils.

The class teacher was Miss Charlotte Dorrington.

Invasion, Invasion, Invasion! Summer Topic 2018

Active Maths- Statistics!

Active ICT- Debugging Instructions

Rainforest Fruit Tasting

This afternoon we learnt about the different fruits which grow in the rainforests. Tropical fruits are an important part of the diet of many Amazon tribes, and these tribes are able to freshly pick fruit form the jungle trees.


As part of our learning, we were even able to try various rainforest fruits, including grapefruit, mangos, passionfruit, kiwis, figs, pineapple, papaya, lemon and lime. During the taste test we considered the smell, taste and texture of the fruits and resulted in pulling some interesting faces. The pineapple turned out to be the class favourite, although Miss Dorrington preferred the grapefruit! What is your favourite tropical fruit?

Platonic Shapes- Virtual Visit to Greece

Picture 1