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Saddle Tor - Year 3

Welcome to Saddle Tor Class (2017/2018)

Saddle Tor Class is a Year 3 class and currently has 26 pupils.

The class teacher is Miss Charlotte Dorrington.

Invasion, Invasion, Invasion! Summer Topic 2018

Rainforest Fruit Tasting

This afternoon we learnt about the different fruits which grow in the rainforests. Tropical fruits are an important part of the diet of many Amazon tribes, and these tribes are able to freshly pick fruit form the jungle trees.


As part of our learning, we were even able to try various rainforest fruits, including grapefruit, mangos, passionfruit, kiwis, figs, pineapple, papaya, lemon and lime. During the taste test we considered the smell, taste and texture of the fruits and resulted in pulling some interesting faces. The pineapple turned out to be the class favourite, although Miss Dorrington preferred the grapefruit! What is your favourite tropical fruit?

Platonic Shapes- Virtual Visit to Greece

Picture 1




Saddle Tor Class ( 2016-2017)

Saddle Tor Class was a mixed Year 2/Year 3 class and had 25 pupils.

The class teacher was Miss Charlotte Dorrington.

Using the 'Yad'

During RE this week Saddle Tor children created their own writing in Hebrew and then used the Yad or the Torah pointer to read their text to their class mates. They learnt that the Jewish people will read the Torah from right to left as opposed to our usual way of reading.

Catapults and Debating

As part of their Travel Through Time Topic Saddle Tor have been making catapults and having an important debate. The debate was to decide the fate of a medieval woman who had been accused of being a witch. They listened to the arguments to make an informed decision. The children made catapults and discussed how many lollipop sticks could be used to get the right leverage for their catapults. They were then able to test them out and see which one sent the blutack the furthest.

Learning Exchange

The Turtles group had their turn in the Learning Exchange this week and enjoyed the various activities that were on offer. As usual the Boccia was a popular choice with some pupils staying for the whole session to see if they could be on the winning team. Other pupils took part in the chess, embroidery and origami where they made origami pencils and penguins.

The Easter Story

Saddle Tor children were learning about the Easter Story this week and sequencing the pictures. Some of the children used the pictures to write their own story whilst others cut out the pictures and then put them in order by reading the story and working together.


Mayan Necklaces

Saddle Tor children have, this week, been putting the finishing touches to their Mayan necklaces. Colouring a pattern on a plate and then attaching some plastic beads to make them look more authentic. They were very pleased with their finished necklaces and enjoyed wearing them in class and showing their classmates.

Our Moving Pictures

This week saw some of Saddle Tor in the DT group finish their moving pictures. The wiggling caterpillars on their large leaves looked great and the children were very pleased to see their hard work put together and working.


Food Chains

The children in Saddle Tor have been investigating different food chains this week as part of their Topic. They learned which plants and animals belong to a food chain and then had a go at recreating some food chains with pictures and arrows.


Moving Caterpillars

Saddle Tor pupils were able to make their moving caterpillars this week using paper which they decorated and then folded to make them wiggle. They were all very pleased with their caterpillars and rightly so after putting a lot of thought and effort into decorating and making them.



3D Animal Models

Saddle Tor children used their teamwork to make some 3D animal models following instructions. They pressed the pieces out of the cardboard then read the instructions to find out how they then interlocked together to form 3D animal shapes.


Moving Part Pictures

Saddle Tor class had the chance to have a look at a moving picture book to help them understand how they are put together and the pages work. They will be creating their own moving part pictures as part of their Safari project. The children were all very intrigued by the moving parts in the books.

The World Through the Window Home Projects

Saddle Tor children shared their home projects with the rest of the class as part of their 'World through the Window' Topic. There were volcanos (some of them exploding) and weather projects with rainbows, clouds and lightning all appearing in different formats. Some children had a look at what they could see through their window with one pupil showing the world through a canal boat window. Well done to all of you for your hard work on your superb home projects.


Saddle Tor hosted our weekly Learning Exchange this week and enjoyed many activities. Some children made bird feeders with Mrs Hall and enjoyed getting messy. Bible stories were enjoyed with another visitor as the children were able to make and create whilst listening to the stories. Some children played chess whilst others used wool to finger knit and embroider.

'I love the Learning Exchange, we get to do things that we don't normally do in class.' - Joshua, Year 3

'It's lovely coming into the school and being part of the Learning Exchange, the children enjoy doing the embroidery and creating their own piece to take home with them.' - Helen, Learning Exchange Visitor.

In Saddle Tor this week the children have been looking into how fossils form and the different types of rock. The children ordered some pictures and wrote how dinosaurs died and were then turned into fossils which can be found today. Chocolate was used to help children understand the different types of rock, (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic) and how they are formed.

Mini Cricket

Saddle Tor children enjoyed the sunshine this week with some mini cricket coaching. They played some ball games to warm up and help improve their throwing, catching and rolling skills. The children enjoyed challenging themselves during the session and remembered to run carefully watching out for other people.



Saddle Tor Class ( 2015-2016)

Saddle Tor Class was a mixed Year 2/Year 3 class and had 27 pupils.

The class teacher was Miss Charlotte Dorrington.



Sports Week

Towards the end of the Summer Term the whole school took part in Sports week. With sessions being led by teachers, teaching assistants and visiting adults there was a huge variety of sports on offer and Saddle Tor children were able to enjoy lots of exciting and interesting sports that they had not tried before. Well done to all of you for using your school values throughout the week and taking part with enthusiasm.

Measuring Maths

Children in Saddle Tor enjoyed a morning of athletics with Mr Mercy from Teign School. The children experienced a variety of activities and practised a range of throwing, catching and jumping skills. The children were able to incorporate their maths learning to measure distances and find the difference in measurements between their different jumps.

Dartmoor 3 Ball

Some of the Year 3 pupils in Saddle Tor took part in a Dartmoor 3 Ball festival over at Teign School. They thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the energetic sport and were pleased to get lots of points in the games that they played in. Well done to all of you for playing so well and joining in with energy but never forgetting your school values of teamwork, kindness and happiness!

French Cuisine!


Saddle Tor Class teamed up with Belstone Class and made some Crepes! They learned how to ask for a crepe and which ingredients they wanted on it. Belstone pupils cooked the crepes and then served them up for everyone to enjoy.

'They were really yummy' - Alexander, Year 3

'It was really good fun, speaking French and eating the crepes afterwards' - Saffron, Year 3


Good News!

Saddle Tor class practised hard before their Rehearsal and final performance of the Easter Story 'Good News!'. The children played their parts well and with some super soloists the performance went down well with the children and the parents who came along to watch. Well done to all of you for learning your lines and performing so well.

All Wrapped Up!

Saddle Tor class worked in groups to see if they could make the best Mummy in the class, using lots of toilet rolls they had a lot of fun wrapping up their chosen team member!

Mummified Tomatoes!

In Saddle Tor's Ancient Egypt Topic, they have been learning all about Tutankhamun (one of Egypt's most famous Pharoahs and mummies)! They became very intrigued by the mummifying process, and why the Ancient Egyptian's mummified important people. They learnt that the Ancient Egyptian's mummified people so that they would look beautiful for the Afterlife. They have been trying to understand the science of mummification, despite all the goriness!  Part of the mummification process is to put the body for around 70 days into a bath of natron, which is a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda. The Natron salt helped absorb the moisture in the body to dry it out enough to be preserved. We are finding out if this was the best material to mummify with, or whether sawdust, rice or hay can do a better job! They decided the best way to test this theory was to do some mummifying of their own...on tomatoes. As it so happens, dead bodies are quite hard to come by at such short notice!


'First we washed our tomatoes clean with water from the river Nile. Next, we used a spoon to remove the guts from the tomatoes in a similar technique to how the Egyptians would have removed the brains and organs from the dead pharaohs.  After making a small slit in the tomato, we used the spoon to scramble the insides of the tomato. After that, we carefully removed all the insides of the tomato, like the Egyptians would have done.  We didn’t put the seeds into Canopic jars though! It was a very messy business! When all the insides of the tomato had been removed, we used a paper towel and some antibacterial wash to remove any germs and weighed our tomato to record a pre-mummification weight.

Finally, we packed the tomatoes with the different materials we are testing and sealed them in labeled bags. We made sure that our tomatoes were completely covered with the different materials.  We are now going to observe what happens to the tomatoes to see if there are any changes.'

Maths Marathon

Saddle Tor's Topic of Egypt was not far in the distance during their maths marathon challenge on Monday. The children were challenged to weigh out the ingredients to make some salt dough which they then used to begin making their very own Egyptian canopic jars! The children all confidently weighed out the ingredients and kneaded the slightly sticky dough. They used it to cover a paper cup which will become the base for their jars. The classroom and the children looked like they belonged in a bakery by the time the session was finished but the concentration during the weighing had to be commended. 'I can't wait to see my finished jar' Harrison was heard telling his friend. 'My hands are really sticky now.' Aaliyah explained. 'That was really good fun!'


Flower Dissection

Saddle Tor children had an interesting lesson dissecting flowers. They were given a flower and a diagram and carefully took the flowers to pieces inspecting each part and marking them on their diagram. They were all absorbed in the activity and found it interesting to look at flowers in a completely different way. 'I've never seen a flower in pieces before.' said Harrison 'I didn't know there were so many different bits to it.'

RSPB Visit

Saddle Tor children were fortunate to have a visit from representatives from the RSPB. After a short powerpoint explaining the importance of the RSPB and why we should help the birds in our own garden, the children were able to make their own lard bird feeders. Using lard and birdseed, yoghurt pots and string they mixed and prodded and went home with their own feeder to hang in the garden to help the birds during the colder months.


Warburton's Visit

Saddle Tor pupils were visited by Warburton's on Wednesday 11th November. The visit involved a discussion about the food that we eat and how we can eat more healthily. The children then donned their aprons and orange hats to prepare their own filled roll. They all enjoyed exploring the different flavours of the ingredients and learned how to have a eat well with the Warburton 'Eatwell plate'.

Mini-Beast Hunt!

As part of our topic we ventured into the garden to see if any mini-beasts would be around. Luckily the weather was kind to us and with the cold weather not setting in just yet we were able to see quite a few little creatures hiding in their habitats. We looked in the grass, under leaves, under logs and even finding bugs under bark. It was exciting to be outside and finding out where the bugs were living.

Harvest Assembly

Saddle Tor class created some lovely artwork which they presented along with a harvest poem during the Harvest Assembly. Well done to everyone for creating some lovely harvest pictures.

Exploring Habitats

Saddle Tor Class were able to enjoy the sunshine when they explored the school garden. They were looking for different habitats and recording the mini beasts that could be found round the school grounds. They were thinking about what life might be found in the habitats. Some of the girls spotted our resident robin in the tree and Alexander found a slow worm under a log. Trixie was lucky enough to find dozens of woodlice under a small piece of bark and a dragonfly was spotted by Saffron. The children finished their visit to the garden by picking an apple from our tree to take home with them. They were all very careful to return the stones and logs back to their positions to help keep the mini beast's homes safe.


Saddle Tor Class ( 2014-2015)


Saddle Tor Class was a mixed Year 3/4 class and had 23 pupils.

The class teachers were Mrs Laura Trayte and Mrs Abi Marshall.



Super Sports Day!

Saddle Tor Class had lots of fun on Sports Day taking part in Long distance, sprints and team races. The children all tried their best and kept the smiles on their faces. Their determination was exemplary and a well done goes to all of Saddle Tor for their attitudes and commitment to their houses.


Sports Day Practise

Saddle Tor class joined Burrator on Friday morning and headed down to the field to practice their athletic skills ahead of the Sports Day. Everyone took part in a variety of races including: the egg and spoon race, sprints, long distance and their class game. Both classes worked really well together; demonstrating fantastic team spirit and sportsmanship.

Contemporary Craft Fayre

On Friday two pupils from Saddle Tor attended the Contemporary Craft Fayre in Bovey Tracey and took part in a variety of activities in the children's tent. They had a go at making wool twist bracelets, felt bracelets, sand art and weaving. It was interesting for them to see the traditional crafts and try them out. 'The weaving was quite easy when we got going' Adriana told me 'but I wouldn't like to set one up.' One of the activities they took part in was a sand carpet which is going to be part of an art exhibition in London in the near future. The artist allowed the children to design their own stencil which they then used to glue and sand onto the muslin sheet. The visit went very quickly but the pupils enjoyed their time.

Tennis Coaching

Year 3 and 4 pupils were given an exciting opportunity to have some professional tennis coaching, thanks to our Sports Ambassador. Sam, a year 6 pupil, has been having tennis coaching for many years and his coach Ryan Bougard came along to the school to share his expertise with the children. The first two sessions they learnt about ball control and the footwork involved in playing tennis. For the final session the children visited Bovey Tennis Club, experiencing a proper lesson on their tennis courts. The children thoroughly enjoyed their experience and four children were picked by Ryan to participate in a Tennis Tournament which is taking place soon. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sam and his coach Ryan for making this happen.

Heatree House Residential

Year 4 pupils went on their residential on 22nd April, spending 2 nights and 3 days on Dartmoor at Heatree House. All the children had a wonderful time taking part in activities such as Archery, Climbing, Abseiling and the Low Level Challenge. They all returned home suitably tired and happy. More photos coming soon in the Gallery.

Saddle Tor Newsletter Summer 2015

Easter Service 'Amazing Love'

Saddle Tor Class performed the play 'Amazing Love' in St Paul's Church re-telling the Easter Story. The children worked hard to learn their lines and remember their positions. Well done to all of you.


Picture 1

Primary Paralympics Festival

Erin, a member of Saddle Tor class, was lucky enough to take part in the first ever Primary Paralympics Festival at Teign School. She met up with children from across the catchment area and took part in a variety of sporting activities. Although Erin was a little nervous as she didn't know what to expect, the pupils at Teign School soon had her at ease. Erin thoroughly enjoyed challenging herself to throw, catch and hit balls of various sizes and had fun chatting with other pupils whilst taking part in the team activities.


World Book Day

Saddle Tor Class joined in the fun on World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite book characters. Even the adults in the classroom took part. Each child was given a £1.00 book token to spend on a favourite book or to get the World Book Day book.


Handball Festival Years 3 and 4

The Year 3 and 4 children had the opportunity to take part in a Handball Festival at Teign School at the end of January 2015. The event was run by Teign School with their pupils organising a variety of activities; set up to improve the children's ball skills, balance and co-ordination. Although it was very cold in the morning, the children, who were wrapped up well, were kept moving with catching, throwing and dribbling. They all returned to school with smiles on their faces.

Handball Festival - Teign School

Making Volcanoes as part of our Mighty Mountains Topic.

Chocolate Rocks!

Saddle Tor Spring Term Newsletter 2015

Egyptian Day 2014

Saddle Tor Class stepped back in time to the Egyptian period on Wednesday 10th December when an expert from Exeter Museum came in to help them investigate Ancient Egypt and all the traditions and customs. All the children and adults wore amazing costumes and enjoyed learning more about their Topic. The children found out lots of interesting facts about Egypt and looked at photos of different artefacts that were too precious or large to be moved from the museum. The children then learned about how the pyramids could have been made and re-enacted the building of the Great Pyramid. The children were able to look inside a replica, miniature tomb to see what it would have looked like. They were challenged to see if they could work out which were the genuine artefacts and which were the replica ones and then had chance to have a closer inspection on some of the artefacts that had been brought in. Some pottery pieces that had been brought in were given to the groups to see if they could attempt to reconstruct the item just as an archaeologist would have done. 


In the afternoon the children learnt about the mummification process and they were all involved in re-enacting this for the entire school at the end of the day. All of them showed their knowledge and skills as they cleansed the body, removed the organs and wrapped the body which was declared good enough to pass into the next world.


What an exciting and interesting day for Saddle Tor!

Egypt Day 2014 - more photos in The Gallery

Children In Need 2014

Getting their heads round length and producing polygons!


Saddle Tor children have been learning all about millimetres and centimetres this week and some of them are starting to use decimal points. They have also been exploring and identifying irregular polygons by making their own out of coloured paper.


Exeter Chiefs Tackling Numbers

Exeter Chiefs Community Team are working with Saddle Tor class completing the Tackling Numbers programme which combines practical Tag Rugby sessions with mathematical lessons. The children have been working out who is top of the 'League', how many tries and points each team has scored, we are not allowed to mention that one week Exeter Chiefs scored no points at all! The children have been working with various computer programmes and last week they were designing Rugby stadiums using shapes of different sizes. The children are enjoying their sessions and after 'Tackling Numbers' in the classroom it is then time to move out into the fresh air and get to grips with Tag Rugby itself.

Photos of the children taking part in the Tag Rugby sessions can be found in the gallery.




Tackling Numbers with Exeter Chiefs

Tackling Numbers with Exeter Chiefs 1
Tackling Numbers with Exeter Chiefs 2

Poppy Art for the Church

Saddle Tor children have been helping to create a collage of poppies to be displayed in the Poppycraft Exhibition at the church. Throughout the school children have been working on various pieces to form part of the exhibition, photos of these can be found in the gallery. Below is a photo of some of the children from Saddle Tor adding their contribution to the Poppy Art.