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Saddle Tor - Year 3

Welcome to Saddle Tor Class (2017/2018)

Saddle Tor Class is a Year 3 class and currently has 26 pupils.

The class teacher is Miss Charlotte Dorrington.

Active Maths- Statistics!

Active ICT- Debugging Instructions

Invasion, Invasion, Invasion! Summer Topic 2018

Rainforest Fruit Tasting

This afternoon we learnt about the different fruits which grow in the rainforests. Tropical fruits are an important part of the diet of many Amazon tribes, and these tribes are able to freshly pick fruit form the jungle trees.


As part of our learning, we were even able to try various rainforest fruits, including grapefruit, mangos, passionfruit, kiwis, figs, pineapple, papaya, lemon and lime. During the taste test we considered the smell, taste and texture of the fruits and resulted in pulling some interesting faces. The pineapple turned out to be the class favourite, although Miss Dorrington preferred the grapefruit! What is your favourite tropical fruit?

Platonic Shapes- Virtual Visit to Greece

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Saddle Tor Class ( 2016-2017)

Saddle Tor Class was a mixed Year 2/Year 3 class and had 25 pupils.

The class teacher was Miss Charlotte Dorrington.

Using the 'Yad'

During RE this week Saddle Tor children created their own writing in Hebrew and then used the Yad or the Torah pointer to read their text to their class mates. They learnt that the Jewish people will read the Torah from right to left as opposed to our usual way of reading.

Catapults and Debating

As part of their Travel Through Time Topic Saddle Tor have been making catapults and having an important debate. The debate was to decide the fate of a medieval woman who had been accused of being a witch. They listened to the arguments to make an informed decision. The children made catapults and discussed how many lollipop sticks could be used to get the right leverage for their catapults. They were then able to test them out and see which one sent the blutack the furthest.

Learning Exchange

The Turtles group had their turn in the Learning Exchange this week and enjoyed the various activities that were on offer. As usual the Boccia was a popular choice with some pupils staying for the whole session to see if they could be on the winning team. Other pupils took part in the chess, embroidery and origami where they made origami pencils and penguins.

The Easter Story

Saddle Tor children were learning about the Easter Story this week and sequencing the pictures. Some of the children used the pictures to write their own story whilst others cut out the pictures and then put them in order by reading the story and working together.


Mayan Necklaces

Saddle Tor children have, this week, been putting the finishing touches to their Mayan necklaces. Colouring a pattern on a plate and then attaching some plastic beads to make them look more authentic. They were very pleased with their finished necklaces and enjoyed wearing them in class and showing their classmates.

Our Moving Pictures

This week saw some of Saddle Tor in the DT group finish their moving pictures. The wiggling caterpillars on their large leaves looked great and the children were very pleased to see their hard work put together and working.


Food Chains

The children in Saddle Tor have been investigating different food chains this week as part of their Topic. They learned which plants and animals belong to a food chain and then had a go at recreating some food chains with pictures and arrows.


Moving Caterpillars

Saddle Tor pupils were able to make their moving caterpillars this week using paper which they decorated and then folded to make them wiggle. They were all very pleased with their caterpillars and rightly so after putting a lot of thought and effort into decorating and making them.



3D Animal Models

Saddle Tor children used their teamwork to make some 3D animal models following instructions. They pressed the pieces out of the cardboard then read the instructions to find out how they then interlocked together to form 3D animal shapes.


Moving Part Pictures

Saddle Tor class had the chance to have a look at a moving picture book to help them understand how they are put together and the pages work. They will be creating their own moving part pictures as part of their Safari project. The children were all very intrigued by the moving parts in the books.

The World Through the Window Home Projects

Saddle Tor children shared their home projects with the rest of the class as part of their 'World through the Window' Topic. There were volcanos (some of them exploding) and weather projects with rainbows, clouds and lightning all appearing in different formats. Some children had a look at what they could see through their window with one pupil showing the world through a canal boat window. Well done to all of you for your hard work on your superb home projects.