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School Values Award

We have put in place a School Values Award nomination box where pupils can nominate their fellow pupils for the award. It is lovely for the children to be able to have their say in who receives the award for displaying kindness, trust, happiness, teamwork, respect or friendship around the school. Here are just some of the comments left by pupils in the box.


'I would like to nominate Aaron because he is always helpful and kind'


'I would like to nominate Madison because ever since she has been at the school she has been friendly and always helps with the play leaders'


'Alesha is always polite'


'Finlay says please and thank you every day'


'Shakeira is always kind and helpful'


'Amie helps me and is always kind'





Our Prayer Tree

Chudleigh Knighton Primary School have had a prayer tree in the foyer of the school for several years now. Joseph who is a member of our Ethos Team regularly waters the tree. The Ethos team all work together to support the younger members of the school to place prayers on the tree, whether it is the form of a whispered prayer in a ribbon or a written prayer on one of the laminated leaves. Children use the prayer tree to ask for help for family members who are poorly, to help them be calm and also to pray for the teachers and other children in the school.


'I love being able to use the prayer tree' Harry told our Ethos team. 'It helps me feel happier writing it down.'


'It's good to be able to use the ribbons to put a prayer on the tree' Oli explained. 'I like to whisper my prayer and hang the ribbon on the tree.'


'I wrote a prayer for my dog' Freddy said. 'I'm sure it made him feel better'


'I like being able to just be quiet for a little while and have my own thoughts.' Theo, (Year 6)



Some comments from pupil's that are heard around the school that demonstrate our Christian Ethos and Values in practice.


Following Sports Day:

"It was the best day ever yesterday because I enjoyed all the races and running around the field with my friends" - Cora, Reception


During maths in class:

"It's not about the winning it's about having fun" - Joshua, Reception


Being respectful and letting an adult pass through the door Joseph was thanked and he replied:


"It's my pleasure" - Joseph, Year 1