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Kestor - Year 1/Year 2

Welcome to Kestor Class (2018/2019)

Kestor is a Year 1/2 class which currently has 26 pupils.

  The class teachers are Mrs Vicky Palmer and Mr Jake Chisholm.


Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world

Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 1
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 2
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 3
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 4
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 5
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 6
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 7
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 8
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 9
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 10
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 11
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 12
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 13
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 14
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 15
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 16
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 17
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 18
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 19
Virtual Visit - Christmas around the world 20

KS1 PE festival at Teign School

KS1 PE festival at Teign School 1
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 2
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 3
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 4
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 5
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 6
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 7
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 8
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 9
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 10
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 11
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 12
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 13
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 14
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 15
KS1 PE festival at Teign School 16

Poppy artwork for Remembrance Day

Poppy artwork for Remembrance Day 1
Poppy artwork for Remembrance Day 2
Poppy artwork for Remembrance Day 3
Poppy artwork for Remembrance Day 4


KS1 PE 1
KS1 PE 2
KS1 PE 3
KS1 PE 4
KS1 PE 5

Identifying materials in Science

Identifying materials in Science 1
Identifying materials in Science 2
Identifying materials in Science 3
Identifying materials in Science 4
Identifying materials in Science 5
Identifying materials in Science 6
Identifying materials in Science 7


Geography 1
Geography 2
Geography 3
Geography 4
Geography 5
Geography 6
Geography 7
Geography 8
Geography 9
Geography 10
Geography 11
Geography 12
Geography 13
Geography 14
Geography 15
Kestor have been learning about the different seasons so we went to the garden to identify signs of Autumn. 

Painting self-portraits in Art.

Painting self-portraits in Art. 1
Painting self-portraits in Art. 2

Making Rockets

Making Rockets 1
Making Rockets 2
Making Rockets 3
Making Rockets 4

Kestor Class (2017/2018)

Kestor ws a Year 1/Year 2 Class, which had 25 pupils.

The class teacher was Mrs Nicola Kelly.

Picture 1

Kestor Newsletters 2017-18

Positional language


Kestor Year 1s have been using positional language to describe location using up, down, left, right, half turn, quarter turn and three quarter turn. They have had fun giving instructions and programming the beebots. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Good luck to Meghan and Harry from Kestor
Picture 1

Testing our boats

Kestor Class designed, made and tested their own boats. They thought carefully about the best material to use and tested them to see if they floated. Great design and technology work Kestor.


Instructions - speaking and listening

We have been learning about instructions this week. We worked in pairs playing a barrier person drew a picture hidden from their partner.  They then gave instructions to try to draw the same picture.  It was great fun. 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

First trip to the field

Kestor had their first trip to the school field today. We practiced ball skills, passing the ball to each other in different ways.  Great work Kestor!

Caterpillars have changed

Ours caterpillars have changed...pop inside and have a look. 

Picture 1



We have caterpillars in Kestor! They have grown so much over the last week. Pop into the classroom to see their progress.


Picture 1

Home learning projects.


Fantastic projects starting to come into class.  Well done everyone - we love sharing them. 


Picture 1
Picture 2

Learning exchange

Kestor had great fun in learning exchange this week.  There was an art activity (marbling), finger knitting, TaeKwon Do (thanks to Newton Abbot Martial Arts), Boccia, ipads and lots more.  What a great community learning experience!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Making groups in maths

Year 1s have been working hard to learn early multiplication skills. They have been making arrays with columns and rows then labeling them as repeated addition.  Great work Year 1. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Home learning

A beach poem by Courtney.  What a great poem Courtney.  You have used an expanded noun  phrase to describe and included a question.  What a fantastic way to start the new term. smiley




An Easter poem by Courtney

Epic eggs are hidden all over the garden.

Are you the white, fluffy Easter bunny?

Special rainbow eggs bought from the store.

Tiny, cute birds chirping on the trees.

Excited, happy Easter eggs say "eat me"'

                                   Robins fly sweetly and calmly in the sky. 

                          Happy Easter from Kestor. 


River Dart Trip

Year 1 were lucky enough to visit the River Dart for a pond dipping morning.  They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and came back totally exhausted. 

Fabulous Art Club creations 


What beautiful Spring art was created in art club today. Thank you to Mrs Cronshaw for helping us. 

World book day 

Kestor Class came to school dressed as book characters.  There were some amazing Harry Potter costumes, Cat in the Hat and Spiderman etc.  Some of the teachers were dressed as book characters as well.  We learned the poem 10 things found in a wizard's pocket and wrote our own versions.  Click on the links below to listen to some of them.  Great work Kestor Class. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Katie's poem

Bella's poem

Courtney's poem

James' poem

Ollie's poem

Learning Exchange

Kestor Class took part in an amazing learning exchange this week.  They had the chance to try out TaeKwon Do with the help of Newton Abbot TaeKwon Do, boccia, marbling, craft, drama, and story telling. It was so much fun. 


Abbrook Farm Visit for Year 1

Year 1s had the opportunity to visit a real working farm.  They met the animals and found out what happens on a working farm.  What a fantastic day they had!


Story time in Kestor

Year 2s have been trying hard to read out loud using a clear voice. They have been taking turns sitting in the teacher's chair and reading to the class. Great work Year 2.


Picture 1

Kestor get active

Kestor Class were lucky enough to have a sports coach working with them this week.  They learned how to move quickly with a ball and to work as a team.  Next week they are going to start learning some cricket skills.  Watch this space for more P.E news. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Fantastic home learning projects


Kestor Class have been working hard to produce amazing project work at are some of the wonderful farms that have been produced.  Pop into the classroom sometime and have a look. 

Maths fun in Year 1

Year 1 children in Kestor have been working really hard to improve their addition using maths equipment. They have practised counting on from the largest number using equipment and have used number bonds to help them add. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Baking Bread with Warburtons


As part of our investigations into 'food and farming' children in Year's 1 and 2 spent the morning with Nicola and Lee from Warburtons.  During their visit children investigated the ingredients used in baking bread and the many different varieties available, pupils also 'had a go' at making their own bread rolls!

Maths parents workshop

Kestor parents attended a successful maths workshop to find out how children learn maths at school.  They worked alongside their children using maths equipment and problem solving.  If you weren't able to attend, have a look at the parent guide that was sent home. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Farm to fork - visit to Tesco Tuesday 9th January
Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic time visiting Tesco to find out more about the food we eat.  We looked around the store and found out about the amount of sugar in different foods. We also made our own cereal with oats, bran flakes and sunflower seeds. We  had a fantastic time. 
Food and Farming topic launch day
Year 1 and 2 took part in a Food and Farming day to launch our Spring topic.  The children (and teachers) all came to school dressed as farmers and farm animals and took part in a range of activities related to food and farming.  We started the day with a visit from a 3 day old lamb from Benjamin's farm.  It was very fluffy and made a really loud bleating sound.  Kestor came up with some amazing questions and we found out lots of new information.  We then went across the road to the Claycutters animal area and saw goats, chickens and ducks. We also saw cows in the field next to the school. When we got back to school we did a virtual visit to Windmill Hill City farm (online) and found that farms are not just in the countryside. Kestor are really looking forward to this topic - what a fantastic day we had!

The Sleepy Shepherd - Year 1 and 2 nativity.

Year 1 and 2 have worked incredibly hard learning songs and dance routines for our nativity.  The dress rehearsal was amazing. Great job Year 1 and are all stars. 



Picture 1

Maths marathon - telling the time

Kestor Class have been learning to tell the time.  Year 1s learned to tell the time to the hour and half hour and Year 2s worked hard to learn quarter past and quarter to the hour. They also found out that there are 60 minutes in an hour and you have to count in 5s to help you. 

Fire safety talks

Last week Year 2s were visited by officers from our local fire station who talked to them about fire safety. 

Picture 1
Picture 2


This weekend someone in Kestor class will be showing one of our school values - Kindness.  She will be donating 9 inches of her hair for children who are sick and have lost their hair. 

What an amazing thing to do. We are so proud of you. 

After the event...10 inches was donated to charity. Well done. 

Multiplication in Year 2

Year 2 have been developing some early multiplication skills.  We found ways to represent a stem sentence describing repeated addition. There are ___ equal groups with ___ in each.   We then looked at ways to record using repeated addition. Have a look at our fantastic work. 

Remembrance day poem

What an amazing poem, inspired by our remembrance day service. Well done Bella. We are very proud of you. 


Picture 1


Kestor had a fantastic time creating different pieces of art this week.  They followed instructions to create their own tools to make firework pictures and used masking tape and paint to make some interesting patterns.



Great fire of London baking day

Kestor class had a fantastic day baking Great fire of London biscuits. We dressed in Stuart style costume or bakers costumes and had lots of fun weighing ingredients, following instructions, mixing ingredients and icing our biscuits.  

Virtual visit to Greece

Kestor Class had a fantastic time visiting Greece on our virtual visit day. They found out lots of interesting facts about Greece, wrote their name using the Greek alphabet, took part in a mini Olympics and tasted some delicious Greek food. 

Fantastic home learning

Kestor have already started their home learning projects. Here are some of the tudor houses already created. Well done and keep them coming!


Kestor Class have had a fantastic start to the Autumn Term.  The children are enjoying learning about The Great Fire of London and have come up with some interesting questions they would like answered.  Year 1s have been working really hard to begin learning cursive letter formation and Year 2s are trying hard to join their handwriting. 

Maths is very popular in Kestor Class.  Year 1s have been learning to represent numbers using maths equipment and Year 2s have been working really hard to separate numbers into 10s and 1s.  Keep up the amazing work everyone!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4



Kestor Class (2016 -2017)


This was a Year 1/Year 2 Class, which had 20 pupils.

The class teacher was Miss Vicky Palmer.

Kestor Newsletters 2016-17

Measuring Height and Learning Exchange

Kestor children have been looking at height this week and had a fun time putting themselves into height order. They eventually made a long line with the children standing in line from the tallest to the shortest. The Turtles group took part in the Learning Exchange this week

taking part in the embroidery and knitting activities.

Food Webs and Learning Exchange

Kestor pupils have been working on making food webs in groups using the animal and plant pictures and wool. Some of the pupils also took part in the Learning Exchange this week where they enjoyed embroidery, cake decorating and boccia amongst other activities.

Science - Food Chains

Kestor children went outside this week as they tried to find some food chains in the school playground. Having learned what a food chain was inside the class the children were keen to put their knowledge to the test and find out what plant life was available for the animals in the food chain to eat and use as a habitat.

Naming Body Parts and Bones

Kestor children got to put a skeleton together in Science this week as they learnt how many bones there were in their bodies. They then drew a body in pairs and labelled the different body parts.

Warburtons Visit

Kestor Class, along with other pupils from Keystage 1, enjoyed a visit from Warburtons. They learned about how the business began and how to eat healthily. They then took it in turns to make a healthy sandwich which they took home to enjoy later.


Sharing and Trust

Kestor Class were challenged to get themselves into two groups to take part in their RE session on Sharing and Trust. Miss Palmer then gave them a sweet on the condition that they promised to give their sweet to someone in the other group that didn't have a sweet. All the children rose to the challenge and managed to share their sweets and trust that another child was going to give them a sweet.


Holiday writing

Kestor children have been writing all about their holidays this week and then had the opportunity to share it with their friends in class. They enjoyed reading out their recounts and listening to what everyone had been doing during the holidays.

Teamwork at Christmas

As part of our work on our school values different classes paired up to work on their teamwork as they prepared their Christingles for the Service later that day. Kestor children worked alongside pupils in Burrator and Belstone and enjoyed their time being in the older children's classroom.

 This week in Kestor they have been looking at 'The Stick Man' story by Julia Donaldson and when we had read it they went into small groups of three and created freeze frames to re-tell the story.

Kestor class have been getting all stuck in this week with some maths skills being tested as they made chocolate crispy cakes. Later in the day their science was all about getting messy but not messy. Using corn flour they made their own 'gloop' and marvelled at the consistency of the substance they had created.

'It was really fun, it looked like it should have been runny but it wasn't' - Bella, Year 1

'The cooking was really good, the chocolate smelt yummy' - Olivia, Year 2

Kestor children have been learning about the sculptor and artist Andy Goldsworthy as part of their Topic and had the opportunity to create some of their own Goldsworthy inspired artwork in the school garden. They explored the garden for materials to use and then took great pleasure in creating their own artwork although the materials were placed back where they came from they will always have these photos to remind them of their lovely, natural artwork.
As Kestor settle into their new routine they have been ordering numbers using different resources and enjoying building to help them with their maths.



Kestor Class (2015 -2016)

Kestor was a Year 1 class, which had 23 pupils.

The class teacher was Miss Vicky Palmer.


At Chudleigh Knighton Primary School we love nothing more than a good debate and in Kestor this week we had a debate about which was better Television or Books. We discussed our ideas with our friends and then we held a debate with all our points of view being heard. The end verdict from Kestor Class is that Books are better than Television!


Building Boats!

Year 1 pupils were challenged in Design and Technology to build boats which would float. They then headed outside into the sunshine and tested them. They were all successful in building floating boats. Well done to you all for thinking about what material was best to use and for making the boats different shapes, sizes and colours.

Sports Week

Kestor children had a great time this week as they took part in our Sports Week. They enjoyed learning how to play new sports and took part in sports they were familiar with including Boccia, Boules and exploring the Climbing Frame. The children looked forward to the sessions with the teachers, teaching assistants and adults from outside the school. Well done to all of you for remembering your school values whilst having fun!

Cricket Festival at Forches Cross

The Year 1 children were taken by Mrs Preston to the Cricket Festival that was held at Forches Cross. They had a great time learning new ball skills and practising their target practice with a variety of equipment. Well done to all of you for trying your best and keeping those smiles on your faces even when things seemed a little tricky at the beginning.


Lego Vehicles

Chudleigh Knighton Primary School had a visit from a Lego expert who led the children in different workshops throughout the day. Year 1 and Year 2 children worked to build vehicles linking to counting and adding in maths. They all enjoyed their experience and had great fun playing with their vehicles on the lego road once they were completed.

How many ways?

Year 1 children were given a challenge to find out how many different ways they could make the number 10 or 20. They added numbers together, doubled numbers, subtracted and some even used multiplication. There challenge was to find the most ways which they all were able to do with enthusiasm.

Sorting Seashells

The Year 1's have been sorting seashells this week as part of their Maths and Topic. They were given the opportunity to study the shells with magnifying glasses then they all came together in the class and sorted them into groups.


'Some of the shells were really spiky' - Alfie, Year 1

'You could hear the sea in some of them' - Cora, Year 1


Aquarium Trip

Kestor Children had a wonderful time when they visited the Aquarium at Plymouth. They marvelled at all the different kinds of sea creatures and were in awe of the sharks and Ray fish who they watched swimming overhead.

Multiskills Festival

On Thursday 17th March all the Year 1 children headed over to Teign School to take part in their Multiskills Festival and what a lot of fun they had too! They warmed up and then caught balls, rolled balls, balanced cones and turned cones over and finally had a play with the parachute. With the Spring sunshine being kind they ended the morning with a picnic back at school.

'It was really good fun and very tiring' - Daisy, Year 1

'It was quite hard to roll the ball to the target' - Ayla, Year 1

'I loved going underneath the parachute and making a den' - Joshua, Year 1

'It was quite tricky getting the hoop round the circle!' - Tobias, Year 1


Giuseppe Arcimboldo

As part of their food topic, the Year 1's have been looking at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who died in 1593.

He became most famous for his art that depicted human faces but created out of fruit and vegetables. The Year 1's were challenged to create their own faces using fruit and vegetables.

Learning about Baptisms

The Year 1 children took part in a pretend Christening this week. Reverend Terry, who had been in to lead our Collective Worship, talked the children through a baptism and invited questions from the children. The class then went outside, got dressed up and carried out their own Christening with a baby borrowed from Haytor class!

'It was really good fun.' - Freddy, Year 1

'It was fun being the vicar but I wouldn't want to do that to a real baby' - Cyril, Year 1


Planting Beans

Kestor children headed to Haytor classroom where some pots, soil, paper towels and beans were waiting for them this week. They chose how they were going to plant their bean with some choosing soil and others wanting to see the bean in action preferred to put a paper towel into their cup. They carefully carried their beans back to their classroom where they will water and monitor them over the next few weeks to see what happens.

'Leeky' Science

Kestor Class had a distinct oniony aroma this week during their science lesson. They examined the leeks that Mr Penny had brought in, some that were straight from a garden and some from a shop. They measured the stems and the roots and looked inside at how they grow. The children had great fun dissecting and sniffing and checking the leeks out. After the leeks had had their roots and tops trimmed they were then planted in water and tissue to see if anything would happen. The children did have a look a few days later to see that some roots had grown back and the leek was starting to grow at the top too!

Sharing Skills - ICT

During our Learning Exchange afternoons Faith has been sharing her skills in ICT with pupils from Kestor Class. She has been teaching them how to use the programme Scratch and the children in Kestor have been creating their own stories on the ipads. The sessions have proved to be very popular with both Faith and the Kestor children who are now on their second turns! Thank you Faith for sharing your learning with our younger pupils.