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Burrator - Year 4/Year 5

Welcome to Burrator (2018/2019)

Burrator is a Year 4/5 class which currently has 27 pupils.

The class teacher is Mr Brad Skinner.

Set: 22.03.19    Due in: 29.03.19

Spellings on spelling frame: It reads them out loud and puts the words into context, which is critical in developing vocabulary.


Year 5: Spelling rule 51


Friday 22 March 2019 Friday 29 March 2019 Burrator Year 5 Year 5

12 Words:
practice, practise, prophecy, prophesy, stationary, stationery, steal, steel, wary, weary, who's, whose

Homophones and other words that are often confused (4 of 5


Year 4: Spelling rule 22


Friday 22 March 2019 Friday 29 March 2019 Burrator Year 4 Year 4

12 Words:
knot, mail, main, male, mane, meat, medal, meddle, meet, missed, mist, not

Homophones and near-homophones (2 of 4)



TTRS: 10 minutes a day. Help your class win the battle of bands!


Reading: 10 minutes a day either being read to or reading aloud to an adult.


Science experiment!

West Indies Virtual Visit day!

Set: 19.03.19   due in: 22.03.19


Apologies for the delay

Children to practise using spelling frame and discuss words with parents or adult.


Tuesday 19 March 2019 Friday 22 March 2019 Burrator Year 5 Year 5
10 Words:
allowed, aloud, altar, alter, ascent, assent, bridal, bridle, cereal, serial

Homophones and other words that are often confused (3 of 5)


Tuesday 19 March 2019 Friday 22 March 2019 Burrator Year 4 Year 4
10 Words:
accept, ball, bawl, berry, brake, break, bury, except, fair, fare

Homophones and near-homophones (1 of 4)


Set 11.03.19   due in  15.03.19


Discuss the meaning of words using spelling frame or adult.


Year 5 Spelling: Spelling rule 49

Monday 11 March 2019 Friday 15 March 2019 Burrator Year 5 Year 5

12 Words:
lead, led, morning, mourning, passed, past, precede, principal, principle, proceed, profit, prophet

Homophones and other words that are often confused (2 of 5)


Year 4 Spelling: Spelling rule 20


Monday 11 March 2019 Friday 15 March 2019 Burrator Year 4 Year 4

10 Words:
babies', boys', children's, dogs', girls', men's, parents', people's, rabbits', women's

Possessive apostrophe with plural words

Times tables rockstars: 

5 minutes a day will help your child to succeed in Maths.




10 minutes per day out loud and or being read to- this will help with understanding words and naturally aids retention of spelling.


Many thanks,



World book day!

Set 04.03.19   due in  8.03.19



Year 5 Spelling:

Monday 4 March 2019 Friday 8 March 2019 Burrator Year 5 Year 5

10 Words:
advice, advise, device, devise, farther, father, guessed, guest, heard, herd


Year 4 Spelling:

Monday 4 March 2019 Friday 8 March 2019 Burrator Year 4 Year 4

10 Words:
beige, eight, neighbour, obey, reign, sleigh, they, veil, vein, weigh



Times tables rockstars: 


Well done to all who have been trying very hard recently. We are seeing some amazing scores! 




10 minutes per day out loud and or being read to  :)


Many thanks



Year 5 Fair-trade conference

Year 5 Fair-trade conference  1
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  2
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  3
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  4
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  5
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  6
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  7
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  8
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  9
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  10
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  11
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  12
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  13
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  14
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  15
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  16
Year 5 Fair-trade conference  17

Norman Vegetable Pottage

Spellings set 4.02.19     due in  8.02.19


To learn using spelling frame and to learn the meaning of words with a discussion with those at home.


Year 5:   column, doubt, island, knight, lamb, limb, plumber, solemn, thistle, tomb, whistle



Year 4: ache, character, chemist, chemistry, chorus, echo, monarch, scheme, school



Timestable rockstars: 10 minutes daily


Kind regards,



Spellings set 25.01.19   due in 01.02.19


Discuss the meaning of the word with your children.  We will now ask your child to place the spelling into a sentence when tested.


Year 5:

borough, bought, brought, dough, enough, fought, ought, plough, rough, thorough, though, thought, through, tough


Year 4:

admission, completion, comprehension, confession, discussion, electrician, expansion, expression, extension



Timetables rockstars: Please keep encouraging your child to spend 10 minutes daily. It truly does work wonders! 






Burrator's Bayeux Tapestry

Spellings set 18.01.19   due in 25.01.19


Discuss the meaning of the word with your children. Spelling test will now ask them to put into a sentence.


Year 5:

ceiling, conceit, conceive, deceit, deceive, perceive, receipt, receive


Year 4:

courageous, courteous, curious, dangerous, enormous, famous, glamorous, hideous, humorous




Beowulf puppet production show

Beowulf puppet production show 1
Beowulf puppet production show 2
Beowulf puppet production show 3
Beowulf puppet production show 4
Beowulf puppet production show 5
Beowulf puppet production show 6

Spellings 10.12.18 - 14.12.18


Spellings- Although it is clear children are learning the spellings, they do not always know the meaning of the word. It would beneficial to discuss what the word means and discuss an alternative word that means the same. Children will be asked to apply the spelling in a sentence instead of purely reciting the spelling from memory. If you have questions please come and speak to me.


Year 5: 

co-operate, co-ordinate, co-own, mid-Atlantic, re-educate, re-elect, re-enter


Year 4:

collision, confusion, decision, division, erosion, fusion, invasion, passion, pension, television

Energy production 3D models

Energy production 3D models 1
Energy production 3D models 2
Energy production 3D models 3
Energy production 3D models 4
Energy production 3D models 5
Energy production 3D models 6
Energy production 3D models 7
Energy production 3D models 8
Energy production 3D models 9
Energy production 3D models 10
Energy production 3D models 11
Energy production 3D models 12

Spellings   3.12.18 - 7.12.18


Please remember to log onto the spelling frame website to allow your child to take part in the learning games and practise mode.


Year 4


adventure, creature, enclosure, furniture, measure, nature, picture, pleasure, treasure


Year 5:


preference, preferred, preferring, referee, reference, referral, referred, referring, transference, transferred, transferring



Home learning projects

Home learning projects 1
Home learning projects 2
Home learning projects 3
Home learning projects 4
Home learning projects 5
Home learning projects 6
Home learning projects 7
Home learning projects 8
Home learning projects 9
Home learning projects 10
Home learning projects 11
Home learning projects 12
Home learning projects 13
Home learning projects 14
Home learning projects 15
Home learning projects 16
Home learning projects 17
Home learning projects 18
Home learning projects 19
Home learning projects 20

Spellings 25.11.18 -29.11.18

Year 4:

angrily, basically, comically, completely, dramatically, finally, gently, happily, humbly, nobly, sadly, simply, usually


Year 5:

legible, noticeable, possible, possibly, reasonable, reliable, sensible, terrible, terribly, tolerable, tolerably, understandable, visible, visibly


Timetables as normal on Timetables rock stars.



Spellings - 17.11.18- 23.11.18

Spellings - 17.11.18-  23.11.18 1

Spelling- Spelling frame is now working. Timetables as normal on rock stars timetables

Spelling- Spelling frame is now working.    Timetables as normal on rock stars timetables 1

Spellings and timetables set 5.11.18  due and tested on 9.11.18

Burrator spellings:

You can follow the link if your login is not working at the moment- we are in the process of purchasing the license but you can still use the games and practise the spelling.

Timestables as normal- use timetables rockstars.














Year 5:















Spellings and timetables set 28.09.18  due and tested on 5.10.18

Burrator Year 4 spellings:















Burrator Year 5 spellings:

















year 4 ( x2, x3, x4 , x4 , x5 x10 ,x6)

Year 5 ( x2, x3, x4 , x4 , x5 x10 ,x6)





Farmwise 1
Farmwise 2
Farmwise 3
Farmwise 4
Farmwise 5
Farmwise 6
Farmwise 7
Farmwise 8
Farmwise 9
Farmwise 10
Farmwise 11
Farmwise 12
Farmwise 13
Farmwise 14
Farmwise 15
Farmwise 16
Farmwise 17
Year 4's spent the day at Westpoint attending the Farmwise event.  A very busy day spent learning learnt a lot about food, farming and the environment.   All the children behaved brilliantly and asked some very challenging questions!

Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant

Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 1
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 2
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 3
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 4
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 5
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 6
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 7
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 8
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 9
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 10
Trip to Exeter Recycling Centre and Energy from Waste plant 11
we all had a very interesting day learning about how we can recycle our waste and what happens to the waste we don't recycle.  

Observations of our environment and plants

Observations of our environment and plants 1
Observations of our environment and plants 2
Observations of our environment and plants 3
Observations of our environment and plants 4

Spellings to learn from  (To be tested in school on Friday 28th September)












Timetables (to be tested 28th September)

Year 4: 2,3,4,5, 10s

Year 5:2,3,4,5,6,10s

Spellings to learn from  (To be tested in school on Friday 21st September)

  1. beginner
  2. beginning
  3. forgetting
  4. forgotten
  5. gardener
  6. gardening
  7. limitation
  8. limited
  9. limiting
  10. preferred
  11. prefer


Timetables to be tested on 21.09.18   

Year 4: x2 x3 x4 x5

Year 5: x2 x3 x4 x5 x 10 x9



Burrator Class (2017-2018)


Burrator was a Year 4/5 class which had 27 pupils and was taught by Mrs Sian Kingdon.

Burrator planning and newsletter Autumn term

Year 4 Residential

Heatree House

The Spring Term drew to a close for Year 4 children with their annual residential.  Once again we returned to Heatree House, this year taking over the whole venue as we were joined by other Year 4 pupils from Blackpool, Lady Seawards and Westcliff Primaries, (just some of the schools from across the First Federation).  During their stay children tried their hand at archery, 'high ropes' and 'adventure challenge' to name but a few!  They returned thoroughly exhausted having had an amazing time!

Burrator have been working with their buddies in Haytor.  We read stories, found out lots of information about each other and practised catching a ball.



Burrator Class (2016-2017)


Burrator was a Year 4/5 class which  had 21 pupils and was taught by Mr Alex Spraggon.

Burrator Newsletters 2016-17

Learning Exchange

Burrator class took part in the Learning Exchange this week and enjoyed a variety of activities including chess, knitting, Boccia and board games.

'I love being the referee in Boccia and watching how the others play and seeing their different tactics' - Ben, Year 5

'I love being able to play chess against other people, it's even better when I can beat them!' - Oscar, Year 6

'It's good fun helping out in Haytor class, it reminds me of when I was in Reception' - Charlie, Year 4


Save the Egg Challenge

Burrator, long with Belstone children, were challenged to keep an egg in one piece when it was thrown from a great height. Using a variety of materials they worked together in groups to design and parachute and egg carrier that would protect their egg from the fall. Once the carriers were made they went into the school hall and Harrison volunteered to climb the climbing frame to let the parachutes fall. Most of the eggs arrived safely to the ground without breaking and the teams were very happy with their designs.

Year 4 Residential

The Year 4 children finished the Spring term with their Residential visit to Heatree house. The three days were filled with lots of exciting and fun activities which all the children enjoyed taking part in. Returning to the school on Friday afternoon they were a little tired but eager to tell of their adventures away.

Easter Service

Burrator class led the Easter Service in the Church this week performing songs and readings depicting the Easter story. The whole school joined them along with their parents and families who enjoyed watching the performance.

Bible Research

Burrator children carried out some bible research during their RE lesson this week. They looked through different bible verses reading them in pairs and looked at how they linked to our Christian Values.

Sound Investigations and Rehearsals Begin

After investigating listening to sound and the best way for our ears to capture sounds, Burrator made some beautiful music of their own as they began rehearsals for their Easter production which isn't too far away now.


Learning Mandarin

Burrator Class were able to learn some Mandarin phrases and words this week. It was a fun, active session and the children were able to practice in partners. This is linked to their Shang Dynasty topic and some of the Mandarin could be heard out in the playground as the children tried hard not to forget what they had learned.

Investigating Pitch and Volume

Burrator continued investigating sound this week as they learnt about pitch and volume. They coloured in pictures of the ear and inner ear learning about how the ear works and how we can hear things. They then experimented with drums and ukuleles to listen to the pitch and volume of the instruments.


Handball Training

Burrator children enjoyed taking part in some Handball training on Thursday this week with Mr Macinally from Teign School. He has been working with most of the classes at the school teaching them the skills needed to play Handball successfully. The children got into the spirit of the training, working hard and moving round to keep themselves warm.


Sound Investigations

Burrator Class had a lot of fun investigating how sound travels. They used a variety of materials including cups, string, elastic bands, water and rice. They took it in turns to find out what happened to the materials as the sound was played upon it.

'It was great watching the water rippling when I banged the instrument above it.' - Keira, Year 5

'The rice jumped all over the place when we made the drum vibrate.' - Miriam, Year 4

'It was fun making noises in the cup to see if my friend could hear it.' - Charlie, Year 5



Shang Dynasty Art

Burrator Class were inspired by their Shang Dynasty topic during their artwork today and created some amazing Chinese characters.



Maths Marathon

Burrator had measure as part of their Maths Marathon day on the 13th December. Groups of children took it in turns to measure a variety of objects with some children going outside of the classroom and measuring larger objects including the playground.

Coming Home Stories

Burrator children turned into authors this week as they wrote their own Coming Home stories as part of their Mayan Topic. Kestor children partnered up with them to listen to the stories and then gave them some feedback.

'I really enjoyed Harley's story and how he told me the story' - Ruben, Year 1

'I enjoyed reading my story to Grace, it made me feel good that she liked it.' - Harrison, Year 4


Learning Exchange

This week Burrator took part in the school's Learning Exchange afternoon, welcoming in guests and enjoying a wide range of activities. Harrison and Daniel along with Mr Gwillam enjoyed being umpires and scoring the Boccia in the school hall. The Eco committee members were joined by some of Haytor children to make bird feeders. Alongside these activities children knitted, embroidered, listened to stories and collaged some art work.

Saffron enjoyed making the bird feeders - 'They were very messy to make, my hands were really sticky afterwards!'


Young Play Leader's Conference

This half term four of our Play Leaders were invited to attend a Young Play Leader's Conference at Stover School. The children had time to discuss their playtimes with their MTA who attended the session with them and look into what works well at our school and what can be improved upon. They were able to discuss these with other school children who were attending and shared ideas. They then took part in a few scenarios of Handball outside on the playground to see how well they dealt with each situation and then shared the strategies with all the schools as a whole.

'It was really good to go and see what other schools do at lunchtime, mostly we do the same but sometimes they have something different that we can now do at our school.' - Madison, Year 4

I was really nervous telling everyone about our Poem and Prayer box but I felt really proud that I did it.' - Keira, Year 5

Badminton Tournament

Burrator took part in a badminton tournament at Teignmouth Community School. They competed against 11 other teams and displayed fantastic sportsmanship. This was the first experience of badminton for many of the children and they acquitted themselves brilliantly.

Traditional Tales

Burrator shared traditional tales with Kestor as part of their literacy topic. They focused on using tone and intonation to help engage their audience. Both Kestor and Burrator loved the experience.