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Welcome to Burrator Class (2017-2018)


Burrator is a Year 4/5 class which currently has 27 pupils and is taught by Mrs Sian Kingdon.

Year 4 Residential

Heatree House

The Spring Term drew to a close for Year 4 children with their annual residential.  Once again we returned to Heatree House, this year taking over the whole venue as we were joined by other Year 4 pupils from Blackpool, Lady Seawards and Westcliff Primaries, (just some of the schools from across the First Federation).  During their stay children tried their hand at archery, 'high ropes' and 'adventure challenge' to name but a few!  They returned thoroughly exhausted having had an amazing time!

Burrator have been working with their buddies in Haytor.  We read stories, found out lots of information about each other and practised catching a ball.



Burrator Class (2016-2017)


Burrator was a Year 4/5 class which  had 21 pupils and was taught by Mr Alex Spraggon.

Burrator Newsletters 2016-17

Learning Exchange

Burrator class took part in the Learning Exchange this week and enjoyed a variety of activities including chess, knitting, Boccia and board games.

'I love being the referee in Boccia and watching how the others play and seeing their different tactics' - Ben, Year 5

'I love being able to play chess against other people, it's even better when I can beat them!' - Oscar, Year 6

'It's good fun helping out in Haytor class, it reminds me of when I was in Reception' - Charlie, Year 4


Save the Egg Challenge

Burrator, long with Belstone children, were challenged to keep an egg in one piece when it was thrown from a great height. Using a variety of materials they worked together in groups to design and parachute and egg carrier that would protect their egg from the fall. Once the carriers were made they went into the school hall and Harrison volunteered to climb the climbing frame to let the parachutes fall. Most of the eggs arrived safely to the ground without breaking and the teams were very happy with their designs.

Year 4 Residential

The Year 4 children finished the Spring term with their Residential visit to Heatree house. The three days were filled with lots of exciting and fun activities which all the children enjoyed taking part in. Returning to the school on Friday afternoon they were a little tired but eager to tell of their adventures away.

Easter Service

Burrator class led the Easter Service in the Church this week performing songs and readings depicting the Easter story. The whole school joined them along with their parents and families who enjoyed watching the performance.

Bible Research

Burrator children carried out some bible research during their RE lesson this week. They looked through different bible verses reading them in pairs and looked at how they linked to our Christian Values.

Sound Investigations and Rehearsals Begin

After investigating listening to sound and the best way for our ears to capture sounds, Burrator made some beautiful music of their own as they began rehearsals for their Easter production which isn't too far away now.


Learning Mandarin

Burrator Class were able to learn some Mandarin phrases and words this week. It was a fun, active session and the children were able to practice in partners. This is linked to their Shang Dynasty topic and some of the Mandarin could be heard out in the playground as the children tried hard not to forget what they had learned.

Investigating Pitch and Volume

Burrator continued investigating sound this week as they learnt about pitch and volume. They coloured in pictures of the ear and inner ear learning about how the ear works and how we can hear things. They then experimented with drums and ukuleles to listen to the pitch and volume of the instruments.


Handball Training

Burrator children enjoyed taking part in some Handball training on Thursday this week with Mr Macinally from Teign School. He has been working with most of the classes at the school teaching them the skills needed to play Handball successfully. The children got into the spirit of the training, working hard and moving round to keep themselves warm.


Sound Investigations

Burrator Class had a lot of fun investigating how sound travels. They used a variety of materials including cups, string, elastic bands, water and rice. They took it in turns to find out what happened to the materials as the sound was played upon it.

'It was great watching the water rippling when I banged the instrument above it.' - Keira, Year 5

'The rice jumped all over the place when we made the drum vibrate.' - Miriam, Year 4

'It was fun making noises in the cup to see if my friend could hear it.' - Charlie, Year 5



Shang Dynasty Art

Burrator Class were inspired by their Shang Dynasty topic during their artwork today and created some amazing Chinese characters.



Maths Marathon

Burrator had measure as part of their Maths Marathon day on the 13th December. Groups of children took it in turns to measure a variety of objects with some children going outside of the classroom and measuring larger objects including the playground.

Coming Home Stories

Burrator children turned into authors this week as they wrote their own Coming Home stories as part of their Mayan Topic. Kestor children partnered up with them to listen to the stories and then gave them some feedback.

'I really enjoyed Harley's story and how he told me the story' - Ruben, Year 1

'I enjoyed reading my story to Grace, it made me feel good that she liked it.' - Harrison, Year 4


Learning Exchange

This week Burrator took part in the school's Learning Exchange afternoon, welcoming in guests and enjoying a wide range of activities. Harrison and Daniel along with Mr Gwillam enjoyed being umpires and scoring the Boccia in the school hall. The Eco committee members were joined by some of Haytor children to make bird feeders. Alongside these activities children knitted, embroidered, listened to stories and collaged some art work.

Saffron enjoyed making the bird feeders - 'They were very messy to make, my hands were really sticky afterwards!'


Young Play Leader's Conference

This half term four of our Play Leaders were invited to attend a Young Play Leader's Conference at Stover School. The children had time to discuss their playtimes with their MTA who attended the session with them and look into what works well at our school and what can be improved upon. They were able to discuss these with other school children who were attending and shared ideas. They then took part in a few scenarios of Handball outside on the playground to see how well they dealt with each situation and then shared the strategies with all the schools as a whole.

'It was really good to go and see what other schools do at lunchtime, mostly we do the same but sometimes they have something different that we can now do at our school.' - Madison, Year 4

I was really nervous telling everyone about our Poem and Prayer box but I felt really proud that I did it.' - Keira, Year 5

Badminton Tournament

Burrator took part in a badminton tournament at Teignmouth Community School. They competed against 11 other teams and displayed fantastic sportsmanship. This was the first experience of badminton for many of the children and they acquitted themselves brilliantly.

Traditional Tales

Burrator shared traditional tales with Kestor as part of their literacy topic. They focused on using tone and intonation to help engage their audience. Both Kestor and Burrator loved the experience.



Burrator Class (2015-2016)


Burrator was a Year 4/5 class which had 27 pupils and was taught by Mr Alex Spraggon.


Sports Week

This week Burrator class along with all the other classes in the school took part in Sports Week. They tried out new sports, perfected others that they have done before and even made up some sports to play with their Buddies. The weather was kind and the field was able to be used for lots of fun activities including athletics. Well done to all of you for joining in well and remembering your school values throughout the week.

Tennis Training

Ryan Bougourd, Head Coach of Bovey Tracey Lawn Tennis Club came into Chudleigh Knighton Primary School to do some tennis training with the Year 4 children. They were taught a variety of skills and techniques and had lots of fun taking part in the sessions.

Investigating Circuits

Burrator Class had the opportunity to investigate circuits this week. They used different materials to see whether the electricity would flow through them. They had a go at trying different activities and then they were able to construct their own buzzing circuits and challenged themselves to get to the other end without setting the buzzer or light off!

Hit The Surf!

This week saw our confident Year 3 and 5 swimmers head to Teignmouth in the glorious sunshine to spend some time learning all about the lifeguards and practising some lifesaving skills at the beach with their 'Hit the Surf' programme. The children enjoyed their time on the beach and came back wiser about how to stay safe when swimming in the sea.



Neolithic Art

Burrator worked with an Art and DT specialist this week to produce their own Neolithic inspired artefacts. Pupils had the opportunity to design and create their own replica tooth and bone necklace. They also created their own Neolithic pot using examples of pottery from that time period as their inspiration. The finished pots look brilliant, well done everyone! 


Burrator Class were able to have some time on the computers using a variety of programmes during the week. Using the laptops and desk top computers they were all fully engrossed in their activities with their partners.

Getting their Teeth into Science!

Burrator Class had the chance to learn all about their teeth in science this week. They discovered what the different types of teeth are used for and learnt how many teeth an adult should have in their mouths. They then put their creative talents to the test as they structured a set of teeth out of plasticine. There are definitely some budding dentists in our midst with the specimens that were produced by the end of the afternoon.

'My teeth look quite scary.' Joseph told his friend. 'It was really hard to get them to look like teeth!'


Labrador Bay Bird Watching Trip

Two pupils from Burrator Class were fortunate to be invited along to Labrador Bay, near Shaldon to go and see some Cirl buntings. These birds, though prolific in Europe can only be found in a few sites located in Devon and Cornwall. The children learnt which habitat the birds prefer to live in, what they feed on and also that they don't fly far away from their nesting sites which is why they don't spread very far. They were lucky enough to see kestrels, buzzards, long-tailed tits and a friendly robin. John who looks after the RSPB site told the pupils how they manage the area keeping it as friendly to the wildlife as possible, even calling in the help of some Dartmoor ponies to keep the grass cut! The pupils had a great time and were so enthusiastic during their visit that they have been invited back again in the late Spring. Well done to both of you for representing Burrator and CK School so beautifully.

Road Safety Debate

Burrator took part in a road safety themed debate. Each group was assigned a role; we had pedestrians, cyclists, car drivers and several other road users. The debate focused on whether or not speed limits should be abolished. The arguments put across by each group were excellent, resulting in high quality questioning and reasoning. After all of the points had been heard the group voted to reject the motion and keep speed limits in place! Well done, Burrator.


All the pupils in Burrator Class and throughout the school had the chance to make their own Christingle, most of them were taken to the Christingle Service which was held in the School playground. The children learnt what a Christingle is for and what each part represents. 'I was trying to think carefully about what each bit meant as I put it together,' Catriona explained. 'Although I am looking forward to eating the sweets after the service tonight!'


Netball Festival - Year 5's

In October the Year 5's and 6's were invited to take part in a netball festival at Teign School. Following a warm up session, the children practised the skills needed to be successful in netball. There was lots of throwing, catching and shooting with many children proving to have lots of talent. To finish the festival a mini tournament was held where the children could practise all the things that had learnt during the session at Teign School. Thank you to Teign School students who provided the expertise for the festival to be such a success.

Dog's Trust

The Dog's Trust visited Burrator class and gave an informative talk all about dogs. The talk was designed to let children know how to care and look after a dog but also to give advice on how to approach dogs. The children already knew quite a lot of information but were surprised by some of the facts they were told. 'It was really interesting to hear all about the dogs and how to look after them.' Harley said. Keira enjoyed dressing up as a vet. 'I felt very happy to be chosen to wear the stethoscope and coat, it made me feel like I was a vet.' she explained. The interactive talk allowed the children time to explore the best ways to approach a dog that is unknown to them and also how to give their own dogs a safe space at home.

Viking Longboats

Burrator Class brought their topic to life during their maths lesson when they drew Viking longboats onto the playground using chalk to show and measure different angles. The boats were not wasted as many pupils then played 'in' them at break time.

RSPB Visit

Burrator Class were one of the classes that were lucky to have a visit from two ladies involved with the RSPB. After a short power point talking about the different types of birds we can find in our gardens, the children had the opportunity to make their own bird feeders. Lard and seeds were mixed together and using their hands the children pushed the mixture into yoghurt pots which they were able to take home and hang in their own gardens to help keep the birds fed during the colder months. The children enjoyed the visit although Finlay thought the bird food wouldn't taste nice to humans. 'It smells really yucky,' Finlay explained. 'I would not want to have to eat that.' 'But the birds will love them.' answered Wilson. How many birds will Burrator pupils have visiting their bird feeders this weekend?

Virtual Visit to Hawaii

Burrator Class had a great time during our virtual visit to Hawaii. They made their own Tiki Statues or Totem Poles which are used to scare away evil spirits! Then the children went into Belstone and made their very own fruity cocktails. In their own class with Mr Spraggon they put together their own Lei's from tissue paper flowers, straws and wool, threading it all together to make some very colourful garlands. They learned a song using a Ukulele and painted palm trees which are synonymous with Hawaii.

Farm Wise Visit

On Tuesday 13th October members of Burrator Class headed to Westpoint, Exeter for the Farm Wise event. The fun day is designed to inform children about farming in Devon. The children were able to take part in a lot of hands on activities helping them gain a better understanding about where food is grown or made. Animals were on hand to provide the cute factor with cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and even three puppies stealing the show. Potatoes were planted, salads were made, bread rolls were baked and food was tasted. The children had a lovely time during the day, eating lunch with other schools, sitting on straw bales. 'The piglets were so cute' one of the children told me. Finlay especially enjoyed taking part in the cookery. 'I wanted to put more onion in because I enjoyed cutting it up.' The children returned to school following a busy day hopefully with a greater understanding of where their food comes from.

Harvest Assembly

A harvest poem using vegetables as keywords was Burrator's offering at the Harvest Assembly. The children recited the poem that they had learned off by heart. Well done to you all for memorising the many words in the very thought provoking poem.

Picture 1

Young Playleaders Conference

A group of four children from Burrator represented the school at the Young Playleaders Conference that took place at Stover on Wednesday 7th October. The children who have recently taken on the role of Playleader, along with other members of their class, were given time to think about the strengths and weaknesses of their playtimes. They compared their playtimes and shared ideas with some of the other schools that were there. The children were then able to experience refereeing a handball game with the hope that they could then take this skill into their playground at school. 'It was really hard to be a referee' said Harley, 'you have to be quite confident to do it.' All the children enjoyed their time at the conference and visiting Stover School for the first time. 

Rugby Angles

As part of our ‘Maths Marathon’ Burrator mixed Rugby World Cup fever with maths as they identified acute, obtuse and right angles. There was a fantastic combination of maths understanding and rugby on display!

Vibration and Sound

Vibration and sound were the targets of our investigation during science this week. We used musical instruments to make lots of different sounds. Rulers were used to feel the vibrations as they rattled against our hands and the table. Plastic counters were placed onto drums and we watched to see if they moved when we banged the drum. We were able to continue our investigations using the computer and the cup and string 'telephone'. Something we are sure you will have experimented with yourselves. We all had an enjoyable time finding out how sound is linked to vibration.

Clay Shields

As part of our Topic, Burrator class used clay to create some wonderful shields. First we thought about our designs, drawing them onto paper and then we created our shields using the tools to shape and mould the clay.


How music can affect emotions and feelings

During RE, Burrator Class were given the opportunity to see how different music can affect their emotions and feelings. Using lots of different types of instruments they wrote down how they felt after they had listened to them being played.

Barefoot Computing!

Burrator mixed music and computing this week as they undertook their first paper-based computing lesson of the year. The focus of the session was decomposition - pupils watched a complex sequence of claps once and were then asked to repeat it. Obviously this was very tricky! 


So after some discussion we came to the conclusion that breaking the sequence down into small segments would make the task more manageable. With the idea of decomposition firmly in their minds each group created their own set of instructions for a complex sequence of claps. Then, we swapped instructions and followed another groups decomposed sequence. Several groups performed really challenging sequences - well done! 

Problem Solving

Burrator Class worked hard using their problem solving skills this week during Maths. Various problems were posed to them and using items from the Brainbuster box and information on the computer they were all able to come up with some really good solutions.




Burrator Class (2014-2015)


Burrator was a Year 4/5 class which had 23 pupils and was taught by Mr Alex Spraggon.



EGGsciting time at Sports Day!

Burrator Class had a great time at our annual Sports Day. Oli and Gene had a tricky start to the egg and spoon race, the pressure was on for both of them when their eggs fell to the floor but they battled on and carried the egg to their next team mates. With team races and individual races the children in Burrator worked hard to get points for their house. Well done to all of you for being determined and putting everything you had into the races you took part in.


Sports Day Practise

Burrator and Saddletor joined together on Friday morning to practice their athletic skills ahead of the Sports Day. Everyone took part in: the egg and spoon race, sprints, long distance and their class game. Both classes worked really well together; demonstrating fantastic team spirit and sportsmanship.

Contemporary Craft Fayre

On Friday two pupils from Burrator attended the Contemporary Craft Fayre in Bovey Tracey and took part in a variety of activities in the children's tent. They had a go at making wool twist bracelets, felt bracelets, sand art and weaving. It was interesting for them to see the traditional crafts and try them out. One of the activities they took part in was a sand carpet which is going to be part of an art exhibition in London in the near future. The artist allowed the children to design their own stencil which they then used to glue and sand onto the muslin sheet. The visit went very quickly but the pupils enjoyed their time. 'I hope I can go again, that was so much fun' April told us on our way back to school.


A beautiful Friday morning gave Burrator the opportunity to head down to the school field to take part in some athletics practice; ahead of our forthcoming Sports Day! We practiced three events: the sprint, long distance running and ‘Time Ball’. Everyone put in a brilliant effort with great performances across the board. Children had the chance to work on their technique in all of the events and a real improvement was made by all. Well done Burrator – keep it up!

Fantastic Felt Work!


Six pupils, from Burrator, recently undertook a felting apprenticeship led by a skilled craftsperson from the local community. Over the course of the apprenticeship the children took ‘raw’ fleece and processed it to the point that it was workable felt. They then fashioned it into the bag that they designed at the beginning of the process. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt some valuable lessons during the apprenticeship.

Super Sun Dials!

Burrator’s homework was to add the accurate time lines to the sun dial base they had made in class. Whilst some of us were thwarted by high winds and lack of sunlight, a good number of sun dials made their way to school for testing on Thursday. It was clear that everyone had put in a great deal of effort which was brilliant. James’ sun dial was the most accurate – everyone agreed it was pretty much dead on! That was a particularly impressive feat considering our sun dials were made out of cardboard, by hand! Well done everyone.

Amazing Ancient Greek Art!

Burrator have been lucky enough to be visited by Miss Kay (Teign Art Teacher) three times this half term. The children and Miss Kay have undertaken two art projects with Ancient Greek theme.

The first session involved planning and designing a mosaic and an Ancient Greek coin, everyone took their time to create some brilliant designs. In the remaining two sessions we got the opportunity to create our coins from card and textured paper and to print our mosaics. Miss Kay and Mr Spraggon were both very impressed with the application and creativity displayed by everyone in Burrator.

All of the children really enjoyed the sessions with Miss Kay!

Warburtons Visit

Wednesday 6th  May saw the children in Burrator class, take part in a healthy food education morning. The education team from Warburtons spent the morning with the children teaching them about a range of topics.

The programme covered; healthy eating and the ‘eatwell’ plate, food safety and hygiene, ‘love food, hate waste,’ as well as a hands-on food activity teaching basic food skills. The ‘eatwell’ plate session was particularly interesting as it helped the children to understand what makes a balanced, healthy meal.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed each aspect of the morning with Oscar, 10, stating that, “I enjoyed making the sandwich and finding out about the ‘eatwell’ plate.”

Everyone loved making their own sandwich, to try when they got home!


Brilliant Burrator’s Waste Audit Assembly!


As you may know Burrator undertook a waste audit shortly before the Easter holiday. Armed with that knowledge they prepared an assembly to share what they had learnt with the rest of the school. The children prepared detailed speeches containing facts and tips about recycling, as well as explaining the process involved in a waste audit. Every member of the class took part and everyone did fantastically well! We’re hoping that the rest of the school will take on board the messages we shared and improve our excellent recycling figures even further.

Well done Burrator!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Still image for this video

Burrator’s Brilliant Book Reviews!

Fresh from the Easter break Burrator returned to school ready to share their brilliant book reviews. We had a range of presentations and all of the children had clearly put effort and hard work into their review. The children really enjoyed revealing what they had read and were encouraging each other to read their book! It was fantastic to see the children sharing their love of reading with such enthusiasm. Well done Burrator!

Burrator Newsletter Summer Term 2015

Spring Flowers!

On our last Learning Exchange session before the Easter Break Burrator had a go at making our own daffodils using eggboxes and cardboard. We were lucky enough to be visited by Shakeira's Gran who helped us with our crafting.

Waste Audit


Burrator were fortunate enough to have Demelza, from Recycle Devon, visit to undertake a waste audit. The whole class got involved in weighing and sorting waste produced by our school. We were given lots of fascinating information about how our waste is processed in Devon and the importance of sorting our waste carefully. Once we had completed the audit Demelza gave us some feedback and we are recycling 80% of our waste – something that we have challenged ourselves to improve even further! Everyone in Burrator really enjoyed the morning!


More information about Recycle Devon can be found at

Football Tournament

A lovely sunny day saw both the Colt and Senior teams take part in a football tournament at Blackpool. Both teams played brilliantly; displaying great skill, teamwork and excellent determination. The teams faced some tricky opposition but acquitted themselves well with the Seniors coming 4th and the Colts finishing 3rd. Well done to everyone that took part! 

Taekwon Do

Burrator, along with other classes, had the chance to take part in a taster Taekwon Do session with an expert from South West Tae Kwon Do. The children had a lot of fun as they learnt about the different moves.



Marvellous Maths Marathon!

On Monday Burrator undertook a Maths Marathon; they completed tasks focused on angles, time as well as calculating area and perimeter. The whole class rose to the challenge and produced a days’ worth of fantastic maths. We even managed to get outside to take on the role of a human compass to practice our quarter, half and full turns!

Cross Country

With a competition coming up in a few weeks, a lovely sunny day provided the perfect opportunity for Burrator and Belstone to head down to the school field to practice their cross country running. Mr Spraggon and Mrs Beazley were both really impressed with the attitude and perseverance shown by all of the runners. Everyone gave their very best, which was brilliant to see! 

Stone Age Stew!

Burrator took on the role of Stone Age gatherers in the school garden – they managed to find some apples, onions, carrots and even a few parsnips. Some of the vegetables had even made their way into the trees! We all played a part in preparing the vegetables for our stew, with some of us collecting sticks for the fire as well. Everyone had a chance to try and create sparks to see just how hard it is to light a fire without matches! Burrator enjoyed their sunny afternoon in the garden and will produce a piece of independent writing detailing their afternoon as a Stone Age Gatherer.

Neolithic Axes!

Burrator have been investigating how Stone Age tools were made. As part of this investigation we learnt about knapped and ground axes. Everyone had a go at making their own ground axe using icing and sandpaper. Everyone agreed that they would rather not have to make their own axe – particularly as it takes 20 hours when using stone!

Burrator Spring Term Newsletter

Children in Need - November 14th 2014

Viking Day!

Our class topic for the autumn term is the Vikings and Burrator were asked to complete a Viking themed homework project. On Viking Day everyone brought in their projects to share with the rest of the class. The range of different projects was amazing! There was: a Viking longboat, longhouses, artwork, fact files, a holiday brochure, shields and swords, limericks, poems, presentations, quizzes, a wordsearch and even some Viking bread!

It was clear that everyone had put a lot of effort into their projects and we had great fun sharing all of the knowledge and information that had been gathered.

In assembly we performed a Viking song to the rest of the school whilst wearing the Viking helmets we made in class!

Viking Raid Debate

On Thursday 13th November Burrator pupils took part in a lively debate deciding whether or not Viking Raids were positive for Britain. Chaired by Oscar, the children spoke for and against the issue and a healthy argument followed. The motion did not pass and thus the majority of Burrator pupils believe that the Viking Raids were not positive for Britain. Would you agree?


Viking Raid Debate

Play Leaders Conference - Stover

On 9th October four pupils from Burrator Class participated in the termly Play Leader Conference held at Stover School. The four children went through the school's action plan for lunchtimes and were introduced to the Intra School Competition for that term which was Cup Stacking. In the main hall they then took part in some fun games which could be used out in the playground or during wet play. The children came back enthused and got the Cup Stacking Competition underway.

UPDATE: Saffron won the Intra School Cup Stacking Competition for Year 1/2 girls and was given a certificate. Well done to all of you for taking part and for Saffron for doing so well.


Play Leaders Conference - 9th October 2014

Tri-Golf Sessions

PE on Friday afternoons has been a little unusual for the last 4 weeks for Burrator. We have been lucky enough to have James from Teign Valley Golf Club leading Tri-Golf coaching. The whole class have really enjoyed the sessions and everybody showed real progress across the 4 weeks. We even had a few (soft) golf balls fly out of the playground!


Farmwise Visit

On Tuesday Burrator visited Farmwise at Westpoint Arena. We had a great day experiencing a wide range of farming and environment based activities. One of the groups really enjoyed learning about wheat and how flour is made. They milled their own flour, shaped their own bread rolls and then placed it inside the oven to bake! Burrator have all graduated (from Potato University!) having passed their potato exam they were rewarded with a cup full of cooked new potatoes!



 Burrator Class (2013-2014)


Burrator was a year 4/5 class which had 28 pupils and was taught by Miss Nikki Beazley.

Dawlish Warren Trip

Burrator Class went to the Nature Reserve at Dawlish Warren on the 5th June 2014 to learn about different types of habitat. They were able to explore the habitats of the seaside, pond, woodland and heath. The Ranger organising the day commented on the excellent behaviour of Burrator, who were asking lots of interesting questions and making various observations about the habitats.

The sunshine came out and the children enjoyed an ice-cream at the end of the day.

More photos can be found in the Gallery.


Heatree House Residential


The Year 4's had an amazing time on their residential and I'm sure they will all have lots of happy memories of their time there. Miss Beazley and Mrs Wardle, who went with the children, confirmed that lots of children were able to conquer their fears on some of the more challenging activities and Heatree House were very complimentary about the children's behaviour. More photos can be found in the Gallery.



Burrator Newsletter Summer 2014

Totem Pole

Burrator’s totem poles are complete! Miss Kay from Teign School visited us this week to put together the children’s fantastic clay animals to form the totem poles. They are now proudly displayed in our school garden.

Gymnastics Tournament


Six of our Year 4 pupils, had the opportunity to take part in a Gymastics Tournament held at Teign School on Friday 28th February 2014. The pupils had been practising a routine and vault as part of their whole class PE sessions. The children were able to practise the vaults and routines before being judged by some of the Teign pupils. The children, who all worked very hard, enjoyed their experience of being judged in a Gymnastics tournament and the nerves were put aside as they managed to gain a very impressive 189 points overall. Well done to all the children who were involved.


Burrator Newsletter Spring Term

Burrator Newsletter Summer Term